Pros/Cons of Bedford/Papillon/Soufflot?

  1. Do any of these get crushed under the arm when used on the shoulder? Thanks!
  2. I have bedford and papi..they don't get crushed because I carry them like this:

    damier papi 26:


  3. Ohhh..I get what you mean! Thanks for the pics, bagsnbags. Does it get awkward around the elbow area?
  4. It's pretty uncomfortable for me to carry my soufflot on my shoulder; i only do that when i really have to. one of the straps always slips off my shoulder. It's a really pretty bag, just hard to carry on the shoulder.
  5. If you do the one strap thing like bags showed above it is comfortable. I have a pap 30 in Damier and even when I do the one-strap thing it does get a little crushed....but this could be because it is canvas....and canvas kind of smushes around/sags, etc. whereas leather may be stiffer. But it does bounce right back after I take it off. It also could be doing this to me because I don't always push the bag away back from my arm.
  6. Yeah..I CAN put my one and only round-ish bag on my arm (Peppermint Bedford) but I don't like it that's much too uncomfortable and awkward due to the stiff structure of the bag. Anyway the one complaint I have is that it's really hard to get into the bag quickly..either my wallet gets caught on the zipper area or my rings do. It's a cute bag if you don't have to get into it very often.
  7. Whan I carry my Mono Pap 30 on the shoulder, it does get a little squished - I don't mind.
  8. In copying Nita lol, here's's do-able but just isn't really comfy.
  9. Do you guys think it's more of a hand-held then? I was telling myself no more hand-held until I make a LV shoulder bag purchase (for variety), but that Pomme d'Amour Bedford's really turned my head!

    At least it's not a speedy?!;):p

  10. It's so funny as that's my issue now as well. I really liked the gold pap I have and now am realy interested in this new red vernis bedford but I wanted a shoulder bag. None of them seem to jump out at me however!?! :shrugs:
  11. I always carry mine on the crook of my arm :yes:
  12. I prefer the papillon as a crook of the arm bag...I have a 26 so that's how I NEED to carry it as it does not fit on my shoulder.

    A con of the papillon is, it's difficult to organize my things in the bag!
  13. I have the Mono Pap 30 with the discontinued brown leather straps and I :heart: it! I don't carry it on my shoulder, however, with bulky winter coats right now it would be uncomfortable. It's very easy to carry it in my hand or in the crook of my arm and very comfortable. I'm glad I got the 30 with the little pouch...the 26 would be way too small for me. For me, it's a great fall/winter bag, easy to carry and maintain, very lightweight and I have no problem keeping my things organized.
  14. Brentwood and Houston I guess would be the other choices. I'll have to see IRL.
  15. The bedford is more of a crook of the arm bag IMO.