pros, cons and preferences of profiles

  1. what are the pros, cons and preferences out there regarding a mou bag versus a rigid bag - mind you, this isn't an issue or retourne v. sellier, it's a question of slouch vs. stiff (so it's about the leather more than the construction - though there is the rare sellier mou out there too:yes:).

    and i respect that the opinions shared here are personal and don't equal any disrespect for a particular style possibly favored by another. i just happen to be someone who sees the beauty in both and am curious to hear about observations or personal experience in case there is something i hadn't thought of that might tip the scale for me one way or the other.

    thanks in advance for any insight you will share.:flowers:
  2. Interesting question! I guess we're talking about kellys? I like the stiffer leathers, not slouchy.

    I also prefer rigide (non mou! lol) Kellys, especially sellier because it just looks so tailored and stylish. I'm always drawn to the casual appeal of a mou kelly but I never buy them. I just am averse to slouch. I know others do like it though. Just my two cents!:smile: Also you said this isn't about sellier vs. retourne but I like the sellier better because they look bigger. Sometimes to me the retourne looks lumpy somehow.
  3. Wonderful question, HH.

    Over time, I've come to love rigid Kelly's, softer Bolides, and both for Birkins. ALTHOUGH, I could see myself with both rigid and softer Kelly's. It would be nice to have one 28cm retourne in maybe Evergrain or Chevre to balance off my Box calf bags. Yep!!!! But just one........
  4. ingenue sophie my personal purse project is the bolide, but the slouch vs. stiff question can apply to many of their bags.

    shopmom naturally i would love for you to elaborate on your bolide comment, especially since you have what i would consider a more rigid bolide.
    also, you would consider a chevre retourne kelly to be in the soft category?
  5. I like slouchy, soft, more casual Kellys.
  6. I love the Bolide in the slouchy Clemence. That little nod or wink that it gets is very cute to my eye. It looks like you could hug it. In the stiffer leathers it resembles more of a LV ALMA to my eye which I don't care for.
  7. I like my Kellys to be rigide and made of stiffer leathers (no Togo, Clemence or Swift for me) like Box Calf. I see the appeal of a Togo, Clemence or Swift Retourne Kelly, but not for myself.

    For Birkins, I like Togo because I like my 35cm Birkins to keep their shape. I have no experience with Chevre, so can't comment on it. I had an Ardennes Birkin that was collapsed on one side but not the other. I grew to loathe that bag and replaced it with a Togo. Fjord and Clemence are too heavy for me. Croc keeps its shape but is a bit precious for my daily use. Ostrich also keeps its shape, but I keep coming back to Togo as my favorite. I do like Clemence in a 30cm Birkin and like that little slouchy pout.

    For Bolides, I'm over the moon for Mou Clemence. For some reason, the 37cm Clemence just doesn't feel heavy to me. The bag's slouchiness is adorable and cozy, like a comfy beloved bathrobe.
  8. Ditto for the slouchy Bolide, but I think it depends on what look you're going for. I didn't want a stiffer or more structured bag, and the Clemence just seemed a bit more casual and collapsible which made it seem lower maintainance for me....I didn't have to think to hard about it nor did I feel funny about just throwing it down somewhere in a hurry. For my structured bags, I go for my Sellier Kellys, although that's not to say that I wouldn't love a stiffer Bolide down the road for a more polished look.

    For Birkins, I have a Clemence and while I like it overall, the batwings bug me a bit and so I have to tug on the straps to keep the sides from flaring out. I still prefer Fjord, Chevre, and Togo.

    For Kellys, I cannot do Clemence for what I perceive to be a bag that is all about the structure. If I want a more casual look, the softest I will do is Togo.
  9. For Bolides, mou is my favorite. I love that soft, casual, comfy look, especially in bright colors. For me, it makes the bag more youthful.
    I enjoy a good box or chevre Bolide but it's not my first choice for one.
    I love both structured and softer Kellys. For my first (and maybe only) Kelly I've decided on a rigid leather (box) but the retourne shape to make the bag easier to access and more suited to my personal style at this time.
    I love seller Kellys in chevre, though!!
  10. I love Bolides that are soft & slouchy! (like my pillow :heart: ) So it's definitely mou Clemence in a Bolide for me.
  11. Just from pictures, I am drawn to the slouchy, casual bolides (like clemence), stiffer birkins (togo), and stiffer kellies (box/chevre for black and togo in the other colors). I can appreciate a slouchy kelly if it's been well maintained and not slouchy due to poor care.
  12. I love stiff leather in Bolides in the 31cm size, but slouchy for the larger 37cm size. I think the smaller bag is more elegant and formal and takes the structured look well, whereas the larger Bolide is more casual and suits the relaxed 'mou' look. That's a personal thing though for MY size and height. I think the 37cm in stiff would be great for a taller person.
  13. I agree with you hiheels, I definetly see the beauty in both.

    I just think they are very different, so when I dream of an eventually next bag, I imagine it in my mind either one or the other depending on the type of look that I want it to have. My heart definetly goes equally to both, regardless of the style of the bag.
  14. I prefer larger Bolides (31 and 37) to be soft and slouchy - clemence in a pop of color! But a 27 looks best as rigid IMO.

    For Kellys...again, size matters...28 in a stiffer leather, 32 can go either way for me, and 35 in a slouchy leather. I probably would only do sellier in a 28.

    Birkins...any and all are good!
  15. Love & prefer all Mou EXCEPT the Sellier Mou Kelly. Don't like the look of this combo. I turned down a beautiful BJ Kelly once because of this:sad: