Pros and Cons: togo vs. clemence

  1. I know we've discussed slouch and weight factors of these 2 before, but does anyone have anything else to shine, durability, waterproof-ness...? Ugh, I think these 2 are very hard to choose between. Any additional comments would be appreciated. :yes:
  2. I think it's hard to choose between the two! I love both. My Evelyne is Clemence and I think it's a little more matte than Togo? And Togo has a stronger scent? *sigh* I'd take either in a Kelly or Birkin. :love:
  3. I was going to say I don't know clemence but togo smells delicious if that counts lol!
  4. I think togo has a more 'raised' grain, clemence is a little 'flatter' grain?....I prefer Clemence.
  5. With any grained leather you're going to find the grain come to the surface along the seams. That's the area where they add the resin to make the seam smooth. I find with time the resin will crack where the crease of the grain is. I find this phenomenon is worse with clemence because it is softer, more pliable, and subject to more movement, therefore it will crack more easily. It can be touched up, however.
  6. Other than feel, slouch and the scent of Togo, not many other diffs. I did hear that Clemence can be a tad heavier.
  7. I just got my first Birkin :wlae: :wlae: It's clemence and it is wonderful! I wouldn't change it for the world.
  8. Me too Soufflot. At first I wanted togo but there is something about the veins that I don't like with togo.Clemence is absolutely Gorgeous!!But I have been told that some togo bags have less veins than others but how often do you get to choose between 2 bags when purchaseing?Oh well this is just my opinion.It all comes down to personal choice.:flowers: :flowers: p.s. that vert anis color sure looks beautiful in Togo:yes: :tender:
  9. Isn't it true that colours on togo and clemence come out differently? For example, blue jean on togo and blue jean on clemence looks different. Can't remember which one is darker
  10. I think they are richer or maybe darker on clemence IMO I also don't think there is any shine to either of these leathers.:flowers:
  11. yes, i do believe that BJ in togo is brighter than in clemence. although it could have been the lighting too....hehe
  12. ^Peanut - that's some mountain of orange boxes!
  13. Oh - and my 2 cents...clemence is flatter in grain, less bumpy. Clemence will slouch slightly more than togo (so I'm told).
  14. Peanut - you have a lot of orange boxes! :love: I love them -- and more so, I love whatever was in them!!!
  15. OH my those boxes! I can only imagine the goodies that came out of them!