Pros and Cons to LP bags...newbie here

  1. I have never purchased these but admire how they look- soft.

    Everything I read says these leathers are amazing and I am a leather girl. I do like brass hardware - reminds me of the old Coach / LV when they used brass -

    I am more of a structured kinda person but willing to venture out a bit to check out this bag..

    The only thing - the leather ends look unfinished and that might seem like a problem. I am not a solid fan of the zebra lining. She has one bag with all purple lining and I love that but the bag is too large for my needs.

    I am looking at this red cross body she has on her site and that looks to be a perfect size for a small bag for me.

    So please tell me what are the pros and cons to LP and how do they compare to the others?

    I am used to Coach , LV and MK and Dooney.

    I am looking at Items - you see them in my siggy. :smile:

    Thanks so much!

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  2. I don't find any cons with my LP bags. The leather is incredible. The bags are unstructured and IMO more casual looking which seems where you might have a problem with them. I find the leather wears really well. Which crossbody bag are you looking at?
  3. The only "con" would simply be that the bags are unstructured and casual looking and deliberately "unfinished" and it sounds to me like you prefer the finished look.
  4. I love the zebra myself, and I hope they start doing it in a color that matches the bags. But I don't like dark linings at all. And this helps break up dark!
  5. Good looking out!!! Thanks! At the price I just might take the plunge. I love red and purple leathers!! Those are my fav!

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  6. I think it is final sale though so make sure you really like it. Barb is awesome at MOB.
  7. I love (some) Coach and I also love (some) LP. There's no brand that I like every bag made by. Now, I love leather and I love gold/brass hw. LP leather is buttery goodness and my Alex Zip Satchel is TDF, imo only of course!
  8. I'm new to LP myself but recently got an addison bucket bag. It has the purp lining but is def not structured. The leather is so soft and touchable though and I absolutely adore it. I've been doing some research myself to see what will be my next LP.:biggrin: Can't wait to hear what you order and if you love it!
  9. I've owned several LP's and the only cons I've found are that some of the (larger) bags can be heavy when full, like the Dylan totes because of all the hardware and leather. Also I've received 2 bags where I had problems with the main zippers getting stuck (one of which got returned).

    The Zebra lining can get a little boring if you have many LP's (I wish they still used that pretty purple lining more often, not just on the Perry collection). But most of the time I have been very pleased with the bags.
    The pros are of course the soft leather and rich colors. I do own a small Perry crossbody (same collection as that large tote you posted) and I love the woven leather, and definitely recommend it. I think it is a great quality for the price point.
  10. if you like structured and finished leather (one that doesn't absorb rain) get the dylan chevron speedy in black or navy. it is the most structured lp bag i own. love it!
  11. Good comparison I think I will check that one out as well. Thanks!

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  12. I prefer unfinished edges because that sealant other companies use eventually peels off anyway and looks ugly.
    LP has great leather, it looks porous like it would absorb stains but I got taco meat grease on my gray LP dylan and I was so worried but it came right off with a baby wipe! After that I had a great respect for LP leathers.
  13. The zebra lining and the unfinished edges are what keep me at bay as well with with LP bags. I am still always admiring them though.