pros and cons of using saleya mm bag in damier ebene


Jan 6, 2010
i recently received a gift from my husband, my 2nd lv bag--a saleya mm in damier ebene..i like this bag because i want to have a more casual go bag/a mommy 1st lv bag is a trevi pm..i really like structured bags because i want the things inside my bag to be organized and neatly stuffed in..i have 2weeks to decide if my saleya mm is to stay with me for good..i have read somewhere that when you put things inside the saleya mm, it doesn't really hold up to it's original shape..i just want to know the pros, and especially the cons of having a saleya mm bag..i really like my saleya mm because it's very roomy, structured--as it is now, and doesn't get dirty easily because it's in damier ebene..hoping to get your opinions with regards to saleya mm's ability to maintain it's shape and structure even if it's loaded with lots of stuffs..thanks :smile:


Nov 28, 2006
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I HAD a azur one and I sold it. Things I did not like about it was.... The rolled handles, one would always fall off..... it did not keep it's shape on the sides nears the bottom.... the base was too wide.... the top corners became floppy.


Aug 9, 2009
I have the ebene MM and really like it. I have an azur NF and like different things about it, but I really like that I dont have to worry about patina on the handles.