pros and cons of the mc trouville

  1. so im curious is there more pros or more cons regarding the mc trouville, i wanted one for the longest time but now i can't decide.


    please help!
  2. I just came back from LV and I looked at the Trouville at the store. The handles are short, shorter than the Speedy. It's a nice bag but I'm not too sure about the handles.
  3. Of the three I prefer the Priscilla.

    Trouville Pro/Cons

    -nice hardware
    -more unique than Alma or Speedy
    -front pocket

    -can get heavy
    -short handles make carrying in crook of arm less comfortable
  4. my fav mc is the trouville and priscilla.

    both are pretty roomy but the handles on the trouville are too short to carry it comfortably on the crook of the arm.
  5. ive narrowed it down to trouville or priscilla, i saw and tried both alma and speedy today but it wasn't cutting it for me, the alma looked weird and the speedy was too heavy. so now its down to trouville and priscilla.

    trouville the handles are too short and priscilla has too much vachetta.
  6. i TOTALLY agree. i was in love with the white MC Trouville till i tried it on at a store. The handles are REALLY small so it was difficult to stick my hand in. And i don't have big hands/wrists or anything. It seems like the only people who could possibly use this bag properly are very petite people with small frames.
  7. Between trouville or priscilla, I'll pick trouville.
  8. hi i own an mc trouville and i think that it works just fine...yes i do agree that the handles are a bit short than other LVs but i can still live with it =)
    i would definitely go for the trouville rather than priscilla...not really keen on its circular shape
  9. You know I got a black MC trouville awhile back but returned it. fast forward a year and I got a mono Trouville. I just love the ladylike. I'm really getting into crook of the arm bags so this is perfect. And anytime I show someone the interior & inner pockets they are just amazed! It rocks!
  10. i really like the trouville also - very classy. i have it in monogram. but i do find opening it and putting stuff in can be difficult bc it's so tight. other than that - luvs it.
  11. Def Trouville. I love gold hardware...especially on Trouville.
  12. wow seems like its gonna be trouville. will it lose its shape over time? since the handles are so short and you kinda have to jam your wrist in, does the top part with the zipper cave in? does that make sense?
  13. I have the white MC trouville and I think it's my prettiest bag that I have. Yes, the handles are too short and it can be a pain in the neck sometimes but I carry it handheld and can put it on my arm if I need too.
  14. I had a Trouville and I think, it's very nice. For me I prefer not too much of "golden" hardware. That's why I don't like the Alma and Speedy and so on. But I'm not a fan of MC, that's why I have sold my Trouville (white). Go for the Trouville.
  15. The handles hurt my wrists/arms after awhile. I have small hands, so I can get my hands through it and carry it on my arm, but it was uncomfortable after awhile. I'm a speedy gal....the speedy and alma are way more comfortable to carry.