Pros and Cons of Stephen, Cabas Raye GM, Baggy GM?

  1. So- what are some pros and cons of these bags? Besides Baggy GM- what are the retail prices of the Stephen and Cabas Ray GM? Thanks everybody! :tup:
  2. hope this helps
    stephen mono.jpg caba.jpg
  3. ah.. love the Stephen. I wants one.
  4. I found the STEPHEN AND the CRUISE Gm bag too big for everyday use.I LOVE the GM cruise denim tote..i use it as my travel bag and will never get rid of it(LOVES!).....Stephen didnt ever get used by me.too bulky for JILL...LOL
    Baggy GM is a fab bag too and IS for everyday use
  5. I have 3 stephens and love them. I don't use them as an everyday bag but more for overnights and stuff like that. Leopard $4300, embosse $3750 and mono $2070.
  6. Stephen is way too big for me, like Jill I love the cruise denim tote GM
  7. I use Stephen for everyday use. Pros: That bag will hold everything under the sun!
    Cons: Gets very heavy easily and can hurt shoulder (find this when wearing it messenger style); the plastic on the handles makes a squeaky noise when walking

    I love it most favorite bag because of its versatility!