Pros and cons of Square Vintage ligne Totes

  1. I'm drooling over Pink*Petunia's, Swanky's dark chocolate and dark white vintage ligne totes in the Ref Library... :drool: It's so gorgie! Do you like this tote? I'm wanting one in the dark chocolate color.

    This pic is borrowed from Pink*Petunia's

    Are the handles bulky? Does it fit comfortably on the shoulder? The width is pretty large, I can see my arms have to extend out a bit if I put my arm over the entire bag. I have yet to see it in person because the stores don't have them. :sad:
  2. :crybaby: :crybaby: No one will help me?
  3. yup I like this tote too, it's gorgeous! I'd love a white or black one. I never saw one irl either so can't help.
  4. sorry, was gone all day!

    I can't list a con for you, sorry! :biggrin:

    It is not at all bulky under the arm because the handle drop isn't overly snug, even w/ a coat.
    The handles are VERY comfy, one wants to fall off me once in a while so I hook it over the other one and it's perfect!
    The leather is DELISH!
    I'd take one in EVERY color if I could, ESPECIALLY that brown one you posted!:love:
  5. I, too, cannot list any cons about this bag since I have three. (I tend to buy bags in multiples, I really should stop this.) I find them super comfy and the leather is incredible.
  6. Thanks Swanky and tlprmn---> you have 3????!! OMG. :wtf: which colors and styles? do you have any pics??? Please! :smile:
  7. The bag is gorgeous, just gorgeous! The size is perfect. It's somewhat structured, yet the leather is soft (but not limp). I love the quilting--if I get a Chanel, I need luxurious quilting!
  8. i love it but is it dark brown? it looks wine colored....maybe its my eyes...
  9. Pink, is it comfortable over the shoulder? Do the straps tend to fall out of your shoulder? I absolutely love the color. SO DIVINE! I need the luxe quilting too!
    I plan on using this for work (no laptops) and airplane travel (for books, ipod, makeup, etc) Would it be too fragile to stuff it with all the things I mentioned above? Roey tells me her Cloudy Bundle wouldn't be suitable for work/travel. So I'm left with this gorgie VL tote!

  10. I just love this bag but can find it anymore. here is thepic of the one i'd ike to find. anyone can help me?
  11. ^^^^That is the East/West version of the VST. I know that some of the NM stores had this bag not too long ago. Did you try there? Any helpful SA should be able to look up inventory throughout the system.

    I have the N/S version in black. This bag has become even better with use! I would also agree with Roey, that this tote might be a more durable option if you are going to be traveling. I have both the VST and CB, and I'd feel more comfortable traveling with the VST.
  12. The straps are super comfy:yes: and it's durable enough for travel.
  13. I am also loving this tote. I'm actually searching for a Chanel Tote. I was thinking about the GST. I got to try it on IRL and liked it but the leather on this one looks so great. Is it a distressed leather? I want a tote that I don't have to worry about so much. This one is beautiful.

    Anyone know the current retail for this tote?
  14. Absolutanne ~~ I purchased this bag and ended up exchanging it for the GST. I still think it is a gorgeous bag. I didn't have a problem with it falling off the shoulder (but I have bony shoulders!). I personally wouldn't put too many books in it except for a paperback or two, but I baby my purses.

    When I saw the GST in brown, I knew it was the perfect bag for me. I like the fact that it is structured. It also has the quilting that I love and is the perfect size!
  15. unfortunately i live in France so no NM and not even in Paris so ....