Pros and Cons of silver/gold hardware?

  1. Who here has both and what are your experiences with the two different types of hardware?

    I was wondering if gold would show tarnish more easily than the silver...

    I'm having great troubles deciding whether I want my black GST to have gold or silver hardware, although silver is a problem since it's not available in Canada. This will be my first Chanel piece so I don't know if I should go with classic Chanel and go with gold or have the hardware go with my silver jewelry that I wear most often (although I really don't care about mixing gold and silver)
  2. Karman, I personally love silver hardware, but gold hardware is also a beauty. IMO, gold tends to have more mature-looking compared to silver hardware.. but you cannot go wrong within these two choices. and it's all depends on your personal preference & choice. Also you're saying, you often use your white gold/platinum/silver accessories, and majority of LVs hardware are gold, then I suggest you to choose the GST with silver hardware. Good luck with your final decision! :flowers:
  3. ^ My white gold jewelry consists of a single promise ring and a silver watch, so it's not a ton.

    Thanks! FINALLY a reply after 50 views...LOL!!

    I'm still thinking...I'm thinking about the future, if I get gold I could "mature" into my bag (since I'm still kind of young). NOT SURE I wish I could see both IRL!
  4. If it's any bag with chains, you should go with whatever color jewelry you usually wear.
    The chains really stand out and if you're wearing a long necklace it might look odd if it didn't match.
    If it's just a little medallion hanging, you could get away with a different color than your wouldn't be that big of a deal.
  5. I have a flap in gold chain and flap in silver h/w... While I love both, I cannot help but worry that the color on my flap with gold h/w will fade over time :sad: I wear my flap with gold h/w only during the evening because it seems more elegant and classy and my silver during the day because it's younger and more modern and casual. I think you should go with what your heart desires, and what 'clicks' when you compare them side by side :smile:

    Good luck Karman!! :heart:
  6. Thanks Aimee and joannii...I'm scared of the gold HW fading too. I think the silver is calling out my name more (and my boyfriend likes the silver better too) but I kind of like gold too. I agree that the gold may be a tad dressier...hmmm...
  7. hi karman! nice to see you here at the chanel boards! i prefer the silver hardware because i wear white gold jewelry more than yellow. but i have gold h/w on my pst and silver h/w on my flap. that way i can mix and match.
  8. actually, not sure if this is a stupid question.........pls don't laugh at me.....:blink:. Is the chanel gold h/w like gold-plated? and silver h/w silver-plated? or just gold colour and silver colour?
  9. hmmm i think its just gold and silver color. and i love gold h/w on the classic bags because gold=classic and its just SO pretty. it doesn't tarnish, i have one and it goes well with everything, even my skin tone =] i think the more casual bags look great with silver! good luck! both the gold or silver h/w GST are sooo pretty! so you can't go wrong!
  10. Thanks. my guy fren told me shld be gold-plated. GUYS! I'm walking over to slap him now :cursing: haha......:lol:
  11. I always go with gold on Chanel. In fact, it really bugs me that the newer styles are basically all in silver. I do like the matted silver but I really am not a fan of the shiny normal silver. Of course tastes change. Years ago I vowed I would never wear yellow gold and now it's pretty much all I wear!

    I just always feel the classic Chanel bags should have gold hardware though. Let us know what you decide :smile:
  12. i'm all for silver hardware as well. I just feel that it's a 'younger' look and can be easily dressed up or down. Of course, it all comes down to a matter of preference - but given that all the hardware on your LV is gold, maybe you should try silver?
    are you sure the GST is not available in Canada? I was at the Bloor St. location last Friday and they have the GST with silver hardware on display - i even tried it on.
  13. ^ Really, I didn't see it...probably too focused on the sunnies I want. :p Karman, I live close to both Toronto stores. If you need me to check for you, lemme know.
  14. My vote is for silver too... I've never worn yellow gold though and it doesn't do much for me generally (except for on the odd paddy, perhaps! ;) ) so it'd be a pretty easy choice as far as I'm concerned.
  15. If you're getting a classic bag I think by default gold hardware looks more chic. If it's a trendier piece, then silver hardware. Just my personal preference though. ;)

    Although I'm really confused now, I kept hearing the GST was only available with gold h/w in Canada.