pros and cons of rhinoplasty?


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Nov 11, 2005
i broke my nose several times during my childhood in karate, but the last time was no exception, where a sore loser punched me out right as I was coming out of the locker room, this was way back in 6th grade, and I stupidly had a kid who was starting out in high school, taking EMT courses "reset" my nose for me. end result? without warning bleeding, great party tricks of bending my nose across my face, and poor self esteem when it came to my face. and I've had to deal with during those awkward adolescence/teenage years. but today my friend said something to me that made me not want to wait till I'm out of school to get it fixed, remove the hump of extra cartilage, and take of a bit of the tip. so I'm thinking seriously that during the next vacation, to get it done perhaps. but I don't know many people who have gotten this done or want to talk about it. I've read a couple of sites, but does anyone have anything to say on this matter, first hand or second?
Aarti, I doubt this will help at all. A few people I know got their nose done. I guess the pros would be a better nose. The people who have got it done are completely satisfied and a lot happier. The cons would probably be the recovery time and just any cons that come along with surgery~ The nose doesn't really look "natural" until after a few months. I personally have not had my nose done before, so I'm really not sure what to say :smile:
i know a few people who have had and, and I can honestly say that I think all of them looked better before they had it done. Post-surgery noses, to me at least, always have that "look" (i.e. Brooke Burke, and the extreme, Michael Jackson). Maybe you just have to be super careful about who you go to and what exactly you ask them to do.
I haven't had rhinoplasty, but I have had plastic surgery before, so I know how important it is to find a really good plastic surgeon. Your best bet is to ask your doctor to recommend someone.

I found a good one, and I am really happy with my results.

I found a website on Rhinoplasty:

aarti: I broke my nose in three places when I was about 7 whileplaying with a cousin, he was on a swing and I turned to look at something and wham! swing smack... it hurt like hell but docs said that it should be ok and I was too young for surgery and probably would have to wait.
I got rhinoplasty when I was 16 not because of cosmetic reasons but because the fracture was obstructing my breathing while sleeping I was breathing through my mouth and not my nose and I would literally gasp for air every night.

The surgery was not bad it took a couple of hours but recovery was very crappy, because it was fractured and it was more involved that a cosmetic surgery I actually bled a bit more than usual during surgery and the day of surgery. I was very bruised and puffy and I had to wear a type of cast over my nose. I had to sleep in a sitting position for the first week which meant very little sleep, since they put some sort of plugs in my nostrils I had to breathe through my mouth all the time. Which sucked because it would dry my throat and I would wake up with this killer throat pain.
After a week they replaced the plugs and removed the cast and it was replaced by some smaller bandages. The bruising remained for 2 weeks after surgery.

Two weeks after the surgery I was back at school, no bruising just a bit puffy. I do have to add that they only fixed the bump and fractures and no other cosmetic modifications were made, even though the doc asked me if I wanted to. I was very happy with the results, it wasn't as noticeable because from the front it was the same old nose it was just the profile that changed.
I do have to say that I did hate the bump on my nose and the fact that it was slightly crooked but in no way the surgery changed the way I looked but I did feel less self conscious about it. And I breathe so much better now, what a relief!!!
If you have any questions go ahead and ask, I'll be happy to answer. I might be able to post before and after pics.
Sorry for the long message :smile:
I just broke my nose a few weeks ago. Every time I look in the mirror I cry.. So I am definitely going to do rhinoplasty... If possible trough my healthcare otherwise I'll have to pay for it myself... I spoke to a few people who had rhinoplasty and they all say it is really worth it.. Also my doctor said than bone in the nose heals within 5 day...
I've had a rhinoplasty done for cosmetic reasons. The pros and cons below are of my personal experience with it. You can find information about the general risks and other info online.

- Improvement in appearance.
- Healing process was very chill. Slept a lot.
- Looks natural.

- Not enough improvement, so I need a revision. This is honestly really annoying, because I have to take the risk of it ending up looking worse again. I don't regret getting it done the first time, but probably should've had went with a doctor abroad.
- Expensive.
- Had to stay in for a prolonged period of time, bruising etc. I didn't mind though.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :smile:
Some friends have had their noses done, I went for a consultation but have not had the surgery yet so:

Pros: improved self confidence and aesthetics,more feminine appearance (not saying that's an issue for you but some people do the surgery for this)

Cons: not getting the results you expected, possible complications like breathing issues, issues with anesthetics (both rare), possible scar tissue, recovery, not being able to wear sunglasses for 6 weeks after, adjusting your sleeping position, possible revision needed ..honestly I heard the surgery is a breeze for most people and problems are rare these days. I'm thinking of doing it one day too.
Yes a big con would be you need to wait about a year to see your "final" result.. it will swell and be swollen for awhile. You need to be patient and realize you may not look "perfect" right away,
My husband had Rhinoplasty about 12 years ago and hasn't regretted it once!

The pain wasn't too bad although I know he didn't go out of the house for a few days. Back then, plastic surgery for men was a bit taboo!

He recovered well and although his close friends and family noticed an obvious difference, many people couldn't tell he had looked very natural.

For him, the big difference was in his confidence. It was really life changing and he would do it again in an instant. Short term pain and not that much money in the scheme of things when you consider this!
Iv been told that I would need a septoplasty due to my very deviated septum as I struggle to breath through my nose. I will be going for it, at the same time they said they can do a rhinoplasty if I'm not happy with the look of my nose which I'm not massively fond of but it's not hideous or anything so I am on the fence about it. They said it's rare septoplasty will change the look of my nose but my bump is likely to go as that's the deviated part.

I'm just nervous about getting it done and would like some feedback if anyone has had either a septoplasty or rhinoplasty