pros and cons of crinoline

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  1. Have been thinking about a crinoline birkin for quite some time and am wondering about its care. I love the look and know it is lightweight---but what about dirt, snags, etc?

    Would those of you who have one give me some ideas about how this bag works (or doesn't work) for you? Are you scared to use it? Is it fragile?

  2. I have a trim in barenia/crinoline and I'm not scared to use it. Barenia scares me much more:P You just have to be careful and trea it as a knitted something. I love it:heart:
  3. Fragile mainly where it bends. How much will it bother you to see little broken hairs here and there? Not refurbishable; definitely a specialty bag. Very unique and I love it.
  4. to me not a all!:P
  5. I've seen crinolines that look very beat up and they're not all that old. It would not be the best bag for me to carry because I don't baby my bags. I think this is a special occasion bag.

    I am afraid I wouldn't look natural carrying it. I love how Uma carries her bags so casually. I couldn't do that with a Crinoline.
  6. I sold mine. It came to me vintage but there were several spots where the crin had broken, and those little "hairs" were scratchy and irritating. It seemed especially vulnerable in the corners and places where the bag would flex.
  7. snags make irreparable holes, so was I warned by the manager. And she's the perfect type that didn't just want me to buy for buying sake
  8. The crinoline weave is dense and tight. You would have to really pull something through it hard to make a hole. I can't see that happening with regular daily use.
  9. I've never seen a hole in crinolin.
  10. Thanks everyone!

    I've heard that H makes travel bags made of crinoline---wouldn't that be odd if it were prone to holes, etc?? Snags I can understand, but holes...

    What about dirt? Or rain?
  11. I don't use my birkin that hard, and if I need to go in crowd I would never use the crinoline. I just want it!!!:yahoo::heart:
  12. Crinoline is very flexible and can get soft and look like it needs to be starched.

    I love black crinoline and especially love rouge H crinoline.