Pros And Cons Of A City Bag, Please

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  1. I am looking hard a city bag. I think I would like it.

    If you own it, can you tell me the pros and cons of this bag?

    Is it easy to get into? Do you have to baby it? Does it keep it's color well? Are there many pockets? Since, I'm looing online I can't always see everything.

  2. There are no cons to the city bag lol.
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  3. Ha ha^^^ Yea, no cons for me either. It's actually the perfect bag, it's light - it holds a ton and I love the strap - it's great to have it in a pinch.
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  4. Can't think of 1 con
  5. i have a couple and i actually think it looks a little funny when you use the shoulder strap. something about the way it curves or something.
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  6. I know what you mean about how it "curves" by the shoulder strap bu that is still my favorite way to wear it!

    The only cons I can think of is that the pockets are too small. Both the outside and the inside. I was spoiled by the large pockets on the Twiggy. City is still my fave though!!!!!!
  7. Yeah bigger pockets would be nice...
  8. I prefer to hold the city on my arm - but when my hands are full, it's so great to have the option to sling it over my shoulder. I think that's one of the things that bothers me so much about my (chloe edith) bag.
  9. For me, the City is not the perfect bag for me to own, but I hope this makes sense:
    I still think it's great! I also love how light it is and you can put quite a bit in it, but it doesn't get sausage-y looking, because the profile is still pretty slim.
  10. Thank you all for your very fast responses. I appreciate it and I can tell that I can't go wrong with a City bag.
  11. I love that you can hold the city so many ways. I usually hold it on my arm, but when I get tired I put the handles on my shoulder. And for an entirely different look I use the strap!
  12. pros :
    it's a hot bag, i really like the slouchiness when it's carried with the short handles in my shoulder i love the wideness and the way they slouch. everything's great when it's not full or fully stuffed.
    i love that they have longer strap when i need my hands to be more free.
    honestly, i have difficulties to zip and unzip when it's held with the short handle on my shoulder, sometimes i have to take it off my shoulder to get or put something inside.
  13. Minor Cons:
    The extended zipper flaps and the ties can sometimes get twisted.
    When using the shoulder strap it actually sits better against your body with the main zipper open.
    Inside pocket is a little skimpy.
    The mirror is tied on in a weird place so that you can't use the two way zipper. I always tuck it into the end of the flaps.
    The city is the most knocked off of all the bbags so there are tons of fakes on the street.

    Major Pros
    light, comfy, looks great, 3 ways to hold it, fits lots of stuff, very durable even with the thinner leathers it can take the weight.
    It's a square bag that can also look slouchy, the best of both worlds.
  14. Thanks for your comments. Good to know.
  15. Another huge con....they're not FREE so I can't have as many as I'd like!
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