Pros and cons of a barenia birkin ?

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  1. Dear lovely ladies,

    I need some help here to make up my mind. I just sent a request to my SA that I want a Barenia birkin in either 30 or 35. I know it is hard to come by. But assuming it is possible to get, I would like to get your thoughts.

    A little about my liking: I am very casual and do not need it for any formal occasion. I love vintage bags that are in good condition with high quality. I looooove box leather, but dislike Epsom very much. Chamonix is also lovely. Swift is just ok. I really enjoy following Doc's advice to work on vintage bags I hunt.

    Here is a list of pros and cons I gather:

    Pros: it is the leather type I love. It is natural and present traditional techniques. Shall we say it may be more "organic" ? If you know what I mean.. It ages beautifully and I just love to see a bag with that special patina. Imagine how lovely it is to carry that bag when I am in my 60s. How lovely...

    Cons: I never had anything in barenia and I do not know how to take care of it. I am very sloppy. I do not babysit my bags and I have a little one. I do not expect to keep the bags new, but prefer not to ruin it too quickly. I have the illusion that I am going to spill drinks onto the bag one day. That will be a very bad disaster. Yeah, I know Epsom is good that way, but I just can not warm up to it.

    Do-not-know factors: how heavy is the leather ? Togo in 35 is pretty heavy. Maybe I should stay with barenia B in 30 ?

    Any thoughts, suggestions and advice are highly appreciated. Thank you !
  2. There really are a lot of threads on this leather - here are a few:

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    I have and love my barenia Birkin and all the barenia I have and have had but it is a unique leather you should probably read up on. Closing this so you can do that and contribute to an active thread. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.