Pros and Cons need advice please

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  1. I do not live near a LV Boutique and would like to know about these styles for everyday use: The NF MM Galleria PM Popincourt Haute all in the monogram canvas

    Iam 5ft carry a fair amount of stuff and do rotate my bags thank you for advice
  2. don't know if this helps but i am 5ft and tried on the nf mm the other day, and the size looked fine on me, with plenty of room for stuff as you might expect.
  3. silly question but do you pull in the sides to made it more of a "bag" and let then out for a "tote" look?
  4. yeah, there's lots of modelling pics about if you search or try the nf clubhouse to see the comparison. personally, i think it looked better pulled in on me, but it seems most ppl on here prefer the open look. :smile:
  5. The galleria is my "go to" bag. It's an awesome bag.
  6. I have the Popincourt Haut and I love her!
  7. Out of what you listed, I can only advise on the Galliera PM. It's a beautiful bag, but I found it toooo slouchy. I felt as if I was carrying a 'sack', even when I didn't have a lot of stuff inside it.
  8. I am your same height -- 5' -- and I love the Galliera PM. NF MM is very nice, too. Not a fan of the Popincourt.
  9. Hi, please do a search as there are existing threads on these bags that you can read and post in. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.