Pro's and con's for selling internationally?

  1. Hi there,

    I'll soon be putting up my first eBay listing and I'm totally SCARED! I want to open it up to as many buyers as possible, but I'm unfamiliar with the worldwide shipping/customs issues. Can those of you with international selling and shipping experience please chime in the pro's and con's? Also, what things should I be aware of? Do I have to do anything with regard to customs/duties?

  2. Hi Kristy
    I am in the UK and can appreciate how scary it is on your first listings. Basically one of the pros is that you have a wider market of people viewing your items. One of the cons is the customs which will not affect you but your buyer and can be up to around 40% of the items value in some cases which is not great. Make sure you list on any items you sell about customs fees.

    Good luck with your first sales
  3. Meant to say also Kristy is that some sellers may want you to declare the item as a gift to avoid customs and this is at your own risk as if you do this and something happens you are only insured for the amount you declared for the gift which in some cases can be well below the actual value of the item and you have lost out a lot of money. Good luck
  4. I don't know any technical pros and cons, but as a buyer not situated in the US (or any other big country) , it's never nice to see "US only" (or UK or <insert country here> only) for items that I want to bid on.. If my money isn't good enough for someone, I'll take my business somewhere else. but that goes for stores too *hint* elux *hint*.
  5. The big problem is that as a seller, you are not protected under normal seller protections if the buyer tries to scam you. This is the big issue for me, although I will ship internationally at times if the potential buyer has contacted me beforehand and I feel comfortable. The filling out of customs and trying to calculate postage just takes time and is a nonissue for me, but the loss of protection is a big issue.
  6. I love all of this great insight. Please keep your thoughts coming. THANKS!
  7. If I ship a high value item internationally I only ship it Express and purchase the label through paypal, it so much easier as all the customs forms can be filled in electronically. You will need one of those clear evelopes form the post office to slide all the forms into. Also you can track Express mail and it needs a signature when delivered. I am also happy to check gift and lessen the value. I know a lot of sellers shy away from doing this, but if it's requested by the buyer I don't have a problem with it. Also with Express mail you don't have to worry about the weight being to the point accurate, for instance if a package weighs 1.3 lbs it costs the same as 1.12 lbs. You can use the shipping calculator at to get a better idea of the cost for quotes.
    Good luck and it's really easy, I regularly clear out my closet on ebay!
    Fees are a bit high so make sure you account for that in your starting price.
  8. I have been shipping internationally for the past 6 years and never had a problem shipping overseas *knocks wood*

    Use the shipping calculator on to get an idea of cost.
    For pricey items I only ship International Priority or Express- you can also do Fed-Ex so that everything is tracked but this is only for high-end items.
  9. I myself am generally scared of shipping overseas. I just sent my Speedy off to Canada and I'm hoping everything works out ok. I originally said U.S. shipping only and a Pfer asked me if she could buy it. I probably wouldn't have done it if she weren't a Pfer.
  10. Westiegirl, Japster, elongreach....thank you!!! I'll probably open up my sale to international buyers just because I'm not confident that my sale will get lots of hits. Looks like eBay is swamped with cheapo, fake Pradas and only a handful of real ones (which appear to be priced WAAAAY below retail), so the more people view my auction, the better!

    I just hope the customs and shipping part won't be too much of a hassle and that I get blessed with a stellar buyer!
  11. Pre-owned Prada bags on ebay do not go for a lot of money--I guess because the listings are swamped with fakes. It's a good place to pick up a bargain as a buyer (if you're careful) but it's a lousy place to try to sell a Prada bag.