Pros and Cons: Fendi gold/silver spy.

  1. Hey ladies I'm trying to decide wether i want this spy or not. I already own the Cognac and love it. Do you think I should just wait for the Fall/Winter Spys or should I get this one??
  2. Do you really love this silver/gold spy and will wear them alot and can you afford this one?. Do you plan to buy to buy another spy for f/w spy? See, I have the same problem. I want to buy just one more spy at least for this year. So I either buy one spy from s/s 2006 or wait to buy one from f/w 2006 (hopefully they will arrive in new colors).
    I am not too crazy about the silver/gold one although I wouldn't mind getting it if I have the money to splurge but I can't afford buying two spy bags and since I am also hoping that Fendi will have new colors for the f/w so I have to wait and see what happen.
    So..that's 2cents. But..the f/w colors might be available in Sept so maybe it worths waiting before you buy the silver/gold spy unless you really really want this spy sooo bad then get this one and get another one for f/w if you can afford it.
  3. I'm having the SAME problem!
    I already have the Cognac, but i really would like to have the gold/silver!
    If all goes as planned, i might be moving to Sarasota, Florida (from PA) within the next 2 years, so i feel that down there i could use the silver/gold year round. :graucho:

    I absolutely LOVE the silver/gold, but i want to be able to wear it ALL THE TIME.... Gotta get my moneys worth. AND if we are really truely moving south, i'd hate to get another dark bag.
  4. I had this same problem before i bought my silver gold spy and my dear fellow PF member Sunshine convinced me that I would not be sorry.

    She was right. It is an extremely cute bag. I live in Texas where its hot more often than not so I can get lots of wear out of it.

    I would only advise you to buy it if you would not be afraid to carry it all the time. Its pricier than the other spy bags, so you want to make sure you're getting your moneys worth.

    I have not carried mine yet but the only concern that I have is that it will match with everything.

    I know that golds and silver are supposed to be neutrals but I'm still convincing myself that it will go with everything.

    I will post a pic of me and the silver/gold spy for you to see
  5. I wear my Silver/Gold spy all the time! You really need to see one IRL, and you will def. know if the bag is for you or not
  6. If you already have a cognac Spy I say definitely get the Silver/Gold Spy. The cognac is a great everyday color. The Silver/Gold is a bit dressier which IMO is a perfect addition to your collection! Let us know what you ultimately decide.
  7. [​IMG]

    Here I am with my silver/gold spy :smile:
  8. Ooooh Iluvbags, I love you spy bags!! Those are perfect colors for you!! Yummy!!!
  9. I love your spy bags!! they are gorgeous!
  10. I loooove the silver and gold... I think you can wear it all year around actually, IMO.

    But the rule of thumb I have is that if you're having second thoughts about it, then you should return it.

    But I love your silver/gold spy.. it's uber fab!
  11. I have the same problem. I think the silver/gold spy is soo sooo... cute, but I want to know what the Fall06 colors are before making my choice. My SA in Paris will let me know in late June. I'll post when I get the news.