Props to Tano for their excellent customer service!!

  1. Hi ladies-

    I had a sexbomb for awhile and both pockets were starting to come apart (not sure if that's happened to any of you with your sexbombs), but I didn't want to purchase another since the leather still looked really good.

    I contacted Tano to see what they would say, and they told me to just mail in the bag and they'll fix it for free. I was elated! I just got my bag back and it looks great; they did an excellent job of fixing it. It definitely makes me want to continue buying Tano's! Yay for Tano!! :yahoo:
  2. That's so awesome! I've never heard anything negative about Tano CS but it's so awesome to continually hear GREAT things!!!!!!!
  3. Woo hoo!! I'm so glad to hear about a company that stands behind their products!!
  4. That is fabulous!!! So many times no one stands behind their products. I love knowing that Tano really does. It just makes me love Tano all the more!
  5. Good for you, green jewel, for giving them props. Tano fixed my Social Primer for free. It lost its rivets and they repaired it no questions. Very impressive!
  6. I'm so glad to hear about Tano's awesome customer service. I just got my first Tano, a Sex Bomb in Blue Marine from a fellow TPFer.
  7. as someone about to take the plunge and order my first Tano, that is an excellent thing to hear!
  8. One more Hooray!! for Tano, I used to have severals TAnos, but then I switched to another brand (more expensive), But I miss my TAnos, so I bought A second hand Butane JAne, The large strap, was too short for me , to used the bag as a messenger, I decided to sell it, but 3 days ago I ask Tano if they sell messenger straps, I told them what kind of bag I have. I they sent me an adjustable messenger strap fro FREE, I did not even pay for the shipping, I was like "is this for real?", nothing to compare with the other brand I used. I'm looking forward to try the new leathers. Thank you Tano
  9. OK. I am a long-time lurker but your email has me as a first time poster with a question.

    Last yr I bought myself a beautiful chalk(white) Tano Stuff of Legends Bag for my birthday. I just started to caryy it this summer and now after only three weeks I just noticed that one of the metal grommets holding a leather zipper pull in place has come off.

    How did you contact Tano for your repair please? Would you please share the phone # and /or email you used to contact Customer Service.

    Thank you very much.
  10. The site is, and just click on the contact link and you should be
    able to find it- at least that's how I did it. Hope they can fix it!
  11. Thank you green jewel. I am off to the site to look for the contact link.


  12. Well it has been a while and I have gotten no reply. I will email them once more but if I get no reply again what are my other alternatives. I hate to throw away a bag I have only worn a few weeks because I can't get it repaired.
  13. Maybe try calling is their number from the website...

    phone: 914 241 0628
    fax: 914 241 0730