Props to SA

  1. I've been reading so many posts lately about Hermes "SAs behaving badly", that I just had to offer a different view. I just left the Boston boutique with a big smile because of the treatment I got from my SA, Julie. I had bought a few things at the sale, and a White Bus bag and was picking everything up this afternoon. Parking around the store is impossible, so Julie offered to meet me at the curb with my "loot". Not only that, but when I asked her if they might have any plain white men's shirts left on sale, she brought out two and gave me curbside service!! I couldn't be more pleased - and I didn't have to buy a croc birkin to get special treatment. She made me feel like a princess!!! Sorry for the long post, but had to share a good experience.
  2. funnyredhed,

    thanks for sharing this experience. Julie sounds like a total sweetheart.
  3. Funnyredhead, if I swing by Boston, now I know who to ask for:yes: . A salesperson at Nordstrom did the same for me two years ago when I bought some purses. Now this is what i called customer service!!!

    Btw, how big are the small men shirt? How much are they? Will a small size men shirt be a good fit for someone who is 5' 8"?
  4. :smile: I'm glad you got such great service!! If I'm ever in Boston I'll look for her.
  5. Wonderful story! Thank you for posting! I've had some terrific service as well although not curb-side yet.....I always love to hear these great stories!
  6. Julie is the one Traci and I asked for while in Boston and she was GREAT! I plan on calling her sometime soon's so nice to have a SA at Hermes lol!

    btw, pics please!!!
  7. That is how I became hooked on Hermes; I felt like a princess after my first trip to the SF boutique :smile:. Soizic, with her amazing eye, helped me pick out my very first scarf. Ever since, I have enjoyed every visit and have found every SA to be gracious.
  8. Hold onto her...she sounds like a gem!
  9. ^ Totally agree. FYI - I get that kind of service at my local BV boutique!:P
  10. Happy to hear about a great SA! :yahoo:
  11. Hi there, you describe what good service should be! I am so glad you experienced it:flowers:
  12. Kou - the size I bought was a 16 1/2. Men's dress shirts go by neck size. I expect that it will be very long on me, but with crisp jeans or a short jean skirt on someone 5'2", I think it will be oversized and cute. For someone 5'8", it would probably be just right, but you need to know neck size. I knew because a 16" necklace is just a little snug for me - I need 18" to have a little drape. it was $175 on sale.
  13. I will post pics as soon as I can, S -- dropped stuff at my apt in Boston and headed to the beach for the wknd. I can't wait to put it all out and show it off!
  14. Thanks for that story, red. Your SA sounds wonderful and I think that's what makes Hermes so special.
  15. Glad you had a fab shopping experience - can't wait to see photos!:smile: