props to Maria and Ignes


Jan 10, 2009
A while back, I bought a Francis - I took it on one business trip, and carried it once on the way to DC by the shoulder straps. The next time I went to carry the bag, I went to carry it by the cross body strap and I just picked it up and the tab ripped right off that held the hardware on for the longer strap.

I sent pics to Maria - she made me an entirely new bag. Their CS is amazing. I replaced it with an ormala. I really wanted a zip top on my bag and messenger strap - she added both and didn't charge for that. I'd post pics but I have a problem trying to attach pics, I always get an error message.

My new ormala is aubergine, and it's just gorgeous. I can't say enough wonderful things about Ignes. The first bag ripped because the strap just wasn't securely fastened but the rest of the bag was simply to die for. Great leather, sturdy workmanship....

Just wanted to post about the experience and how it's just wonderful to have someone who truly cares about customers and takes pride in what they deliver.

My holiday shopping this year will mos def include Ignes!!


Jun 6, 2009
Ohh... an Aubergine Ormala.... must see those pics!

I'm glad you're happy with your new bag and the CS. To me the CS makes all the difference. Ignes has certainly struggled w QC earlier this year, Maria handles the mistakes so graciously and is so sincerely sorry when things go wrong.


Jul 9, 2007
Wow Siouxie - so sorry to hear your Francis bag broke -- I've been really lucky and load mine up and I never use the longer strap - just the shoulder straps - they are still holding thankfully! So glad to hear about the great CS from Ignes though! That is awesome and the Ormala is gorgeous!


Sep 18, 2008
I'm glad to hear that everything worked out for you siouxie! Many places will find themselves with QC issues during the course of their business, but it is the company's reaction to such issues that determines whether they lose customers or gain them over time. I have not had any QC issues on any of my Ignes bags (knock wood), but as a company, I find their customer service to be top notch! And I too will be doing some Christmas shopping at Ignes!

Now, do post some pics of that Ormala!