Props for my SA!

  1. Right before xmas I was at my local boutique (Short Hills, NJ) looking at the LVOE cell phone charm, thought I'd get myself a little present. The SA (no name,don't want to get him in trouble) said it's the last one..."but I really wouldn't recommend it because I think it'll break" (I had seen a thread about that here so I was on the fence). Then he said, "there, I guess I'm fired!" So I told him that my "friends" (all you TPFers) had said that many SA's said the same thing about the charm and he was very surprised. I told him I appreciated his honest opinion and that I wasn't going to buy it since it did look flimsy. Then the lovely SA said, "There's not a lot left; why don't you come back in 2 weeks when the spring things are out." I thanked him again and said I'd DEFINITELY be back! I just thought it was so cool of him to steer me away from something he wouldn't recommend. I know he'd seen me in there this fall making some purchases (ie spending $!) so I feel like I'm totally developing a rapport with the staff. I think the service is another reason why I LVOE LV! Does anyone else have exceptional SA stories?:woohoo:
  2. well that is one honest SA. I wish I live in New Jersey so I can go see him. All of my SA tried to get me buying purses like the Mahina XL since it's pricey but it look huge on me.
  3. That's a keeper! :smile:
    Yah I like my SA too, she just honestly tells me stuff like how the Mahina XXL on me looks like I'm running away from home, LOL!
  4. my SA is really great. she'll call me about new LEs when she gets info about them. she called me about cruise a few months ago and said "i know this is not your style, but i thought i'd let you know that there's going to be a new bag called the rubis." and she was right on the money about that!!! she knows what bags i have in my collection as well. so more props to her for that.
  5. I like it when SA's give their honest opinions. That way, you won't be back a few days later and going through the hassle of returning.
  6. LOL :smile:) :lol:
  7. My SA is also very honest with me too... she knows I love big bags, but not extremely big. When the Denim XL came in she told me about it and I came in to look at it but she knew it really wasn't for me. I think it's cool when they really take their time on getting to know their customers. That's a TRUE Sales Associate right there.
  8. that's awesome! lucky you for finding such a cool SA!
  9. That is good to read...I have a new SA (as my old one left) and she is really helpful and lovely too ... I wrote a letter to the LV CEO here about her great service and he responded to both of us:yes:
  10. Funny you should write this. Just yesterday I was at my local LV waiting to pay for my pomme rosewood and they had all the key rings and charms on display on the counter. I said to my SA " this looks like it will break so easy" She replies that she has not seen one come back broken since they came out. I totally did not believe her.
  11. I also have a nice and honest SA.

    When she showed me the 'Rubis' bags when they first came out, I told her that I didn't really like them that much. She nodded :yes: and said that ' I don't think you're gonna spend that much money on the bag that looks like a picnic bag.' :sweatdrop:
  12. It's refreshing to read GOOD customer service stories. We tend to focus on the negative too often. I'm so happy that so many of you have good relationships with your SAs! Keep the positive stories coming!
  13. I need a nice one!

    Can anyone recommend me a nice SA in Singapore (which would be quite rare...)?

    Thankies!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  14. madaddie - oh yes. i deleted the names. not sure whether i can write them here. if you wan the names, pls PM me.
  15. my bf did his first lv purchase at the store in garden state mall in paramus, nj. the SA seemed clueless. she didn't even know how to fold the speedy back into place after showing him. when i opened it up on xmas i was so happy i forgot how stuffed it was in the dustbag and box. lol

    so no good SA stories yet lol, but i go to short hills too and never seen a guy SA there. i just spoke to a few over the phone and he was great.