Propriano durability?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a DA bag for spring/summer to complement my Jersey for fall/winter (I have the black version). The only one that checks all my boxes (big enough for work, structured bottom with feet, no folded corners, some type of interesting style element) is the Propriano.

    However, I don't baby my bags. I don't exactly beat them up (I've had my Jersey for about 6 months including a Pittsburgh winter and it still looks perfect), but I don't prefer to change out bags every time it rains, I'll put it on the floor sometimes, etc. How big of a problem is that with the DA canvas and braided vachetta handles? A little wear and tear, looking "lived in", etc. is fine, but will using this bag as an everyday workhorse completely ruin it?
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  2. Bump :smile:
  3. I have one. It’s very sturdy! Braided handles heavy duty indeed. It does patina like anything else, and I had some blue jeans transfer on the canvas at some point a long time ago, mostly removed with baby wipes and eraser but also lightened with time. IMO, it is similar to the Neverfull but much sturdier. I closed the snap sides maybe a couple of times only, they’re hard to snap. I love the magnetic closure, it’s super strong.
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  4. That's exactly what I wanted to know - thank you! I was planning to mostly use it as a tote rather than snap the sides, anyway.
  5. I got my Propriano in 2017 and used it during 3 summers regularly on weekends and vacation. It hold up well, also got some color transfer from a black shirt and rubbed it mostly off. It‘s hardly visible. The vachetta has a nice and even patina and I didn‘t treat it. I got some some rain on it and first there were some darker drops visible but it disappeared with further use. As the bag has metal feet you can put it on the floor. It doesn’t sag so the bottom doesn’t touch the ground but I don’t overfill it to avoid it’s getting too heavy.
    I close the side snaps from time to time because I like the option of more security. But the bag looks beautiful either ways:smile:
    In principle the DA isn‘t as durable as DE due to the light color but if you don‘t mind some small signs of wear then it‘s fine! But would really recommend to avoid rubbing on Jeans and „bleeding“ shirts.
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  6. This is how my Propriano looks now.
    Also want to mention the light pink microfibre lining. I use an organizer because it got some stains very early when I got it.
    Love the bag :smile: 92AE54D0-A4A7-4BEE-893F-D99DA23C8AF2.jpeg zu
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  7. It looks great with a little patina! I also plan to get an organizer because I can't be trusted with that light pink lining.