properly introducing maya. ^_^

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  1. Hi everyone!! I'm Maya!!

    I've already posted on some of your threads, but I figure you might be thinking "who the hell is that?" *lol* So I wanted to introduce myself...

    I've been a Coach lover for a loooong time with my mom loving Coach and all. She's got a couple of leather ones that she's had forever and they still look great. I'm a fan of the Signature collections. My parents bought me my first Coach black demi maybe in my first semester of college (or somewhere around there)... I'm really picky when it comes to my bags and by far do not like ALL Coach bags, but I really like how a lot of Coach bags are modern and have clean lines.

    So I've gotten most of my Coach bags from ex-bf's and my brother and bought a few myself... I have a bunch of accessories like an umbrella, bikini, keyfobs, wallets, wristlets, keyfobs, visor... I don't have a photo of my entire collection (maybe I'll do that soon) but here is a picture of most of the stuff I have, below.

    I'm missing my work bag which I think is a big ol' Hampton's something or other, a small signature bag that has gold leather with it (dunno the name), my fanny pack, and my newest additions - the medium denim Carly and the tortoise and metallic star keyfobs.

    Other than that, my other bag love is tokidoki. They're so lightweight they make my Coach bags feel like bricks of gold. *lol*

    So anyway, that's my blurb... I hope this forum is cool... I heard some of the forums here have cliques and are kinda snooty... Thankfully the tokidoki forum is super cool!! How is the Coach forum??
  2. Hi Maya, welcome to the Coach forum! You've got a great collection! I had the same blue slim duffle a few years ago. It was my very first Coach bag and I had to have it b/c I loved the color so much. I ended up selling it about a year ago and haven't seen any around since. Yours is the first I've seen in a long time and it's bringing back some fond memories for me! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks, spartancoaster!! Yeah, I don't know anyone else with the cobalt duffle sac and haven't seen any since they were in the stores!! I get compliments on it all the time because of the gorgeous color. :yes: My best friend wants to so bad. *lol*
  4. welcome! i love your plaid tote, that's super cute!
  5. Haha. Thanks!! It was actually my brothers. He used it as a dance bag for a little while and then I borrowed it... and I guess I'm still borrowing it. *lol* I don't use it, though, because it doesn't match anything I have. It's actually storing my extra VS bras right now. *lol*
  6. Welcome!, I love your collection:smile:
  7. You have some awesome bags!! I LOVE the backpack with the pink stripe--that is sooooo cute! Really like your collection.
  8. Hi Maya. Welcome to tPF. You'll really like it here. It's very informative and enabling.
  9. Welcome to the forum! What a wonderful collection you have!!
  10. Aloha Maya,

    You're a backpack kinda girl huh :smile: I really like the one with pink stripe and a large C. Very unique!
  11. WELCOME!!! Great collection!!
  12. Welcome!!!!
  13. Thanks for the welcome everyone!!

    kiuty77: Yeah, I used to be a backpack girl... It was so much more convenient and comfortable for me. I still love them, but I've since gotten really used to regular one shoulder handbags so I have a bunch of those now too. ^_^

    kiuty77 & wcofer28: The one with the pink stripe was a LE Kid's Collection backpack. I remember skipping class in college to go get it because one of the stores in Waikiki had a few left and apparently they were really limited. Haha.

    beanpolejd: Thanks, I'm actually not new to tPF but just new to the Coach forum. I'm normally in the tokidoki forum. As I've read all through the tokidoki forum, the girls really do "enable" each other. *lol* Fortunately I haven't ever given in to any of the enabling... My bf enables more than anyone else though!! And I'm always trying to tell him, "But I gotta pay for ______ or _______." And he doesn't hear it because he knows I can afford it. He just wants me to buy what makes me happy. *lol*
  14. Love all the hot pinks in your collection!
  15. Welcome to TPF Maya! Its a great place....glad to have ya!