Proper way to store Scarves?


Mar 11, 2006
So the semesters about over and I'm packing up the room right now, mainly all my Winter things since the seasons over. Got to my Coach mufflers and OMG, I'm so ashamed. I beat those things to a pulp - $300 down the drain. The wool is a shambles X_x So right now I've just wrapped them up in the plastic they came in.

Do you guys have wool/cashmere scarves? Where do you put them?

Living in the dorm is a nightmare! There arent too many options on where to put things :[
yellow_gummybear said:
Hanging them around a jacket already on a hanger works well because then the scarves don't get weird kinks in them from hanging directly on the hanger.

that's what i do too, but i only have a couple i knitted myself. i think the most expensive one was about five bucks for the skein yarn. :smile: i keep all my silk scarves folded in their boxes.
I must say that everything is in a cosy jumble in two drawers...initially one was for cashmere and one for silk,but they've kind of merged...the silk ones tend to straighten out after about 30 minutes of wear anyway,and no-one ever sees me between my car and my desk:lol: .
I keep mine in a jumble... But I think you can either fold them into a drawer or hang them on the flat part of a coat hanger (in the middle), if that makes sense.