proper scarf storage

  1. Hi
    I just read the thread about washing a scarf (thanks!) and thought, what is proper scarf storage? do you ladies keep them in their original H boxes with the tissue?
  2. I have them all taken out of their boxes and laid on top of each other. It's easier for me plus I have read somewhere that they should BREATHE!
  3. i store them in the original box. Maybe I should not do this???
  4. ^I think both practices have their advantages and disadvantages but I don't think that storing them in their box with the silk paper will do them any harm. As long as you wear them ;)
  5. I do both. The majority of my scarves are folded and laid overlapping on each other, like they do in the boutique. They're in a cedar cabinet that I've lined with acid free tissue.

    I have six or so "special" scarves that are kept in the orange boxes with the original acid free tissue.

    My scarves are for wearing and enjoyment. They're not destined for a museum, so I don't worry too much about how they're stored. I just try to keep them neat and clean. I know a lot of serious collectors who try to store their scarves using archival storage techniques. More power to them.
  6. currently I'm storing all my carrés in their original boxes. I like seeing the stash of orange boxes in my closet. but: it's getting harder and harder to find the desired scarf in the morning, having to look through all the boxes :graucho:
  7. I keep them in the boxes but I wear mine a lot so they get to breathe too.
  8. I told her to "Get it together girl!!!" Imagine, every morning, open boxes of H scarves all over her dressing room:mad:...looks like an H orgy just happened and orange were everywhere:yucky:...and I wasn't even invited!...In my own house mind you?!! She finally took control and emptied two drawers, lined them up there, and the smaller H boxes are now inside the big H boxes. Much more pleasant to the eyes and mind for sure.
  9. i keep some in boxes and some in my drawer. i try to use each one in rotation though (my daily clothes are pretty neutral: black/white/brown, so all my scarves go with my wardrobe).
  10. Thanks so much for the replies. I don't wear my scarves very often b.c I can never figure out how to tie them and I am usually late for work so I leave without them.
    I think I will take them out of the boxes for a bit to breathe
  11. I keep mine in boxes, they get out often since I only have a few but wear a scarf most days so I don't have to worry about them breathing. In order to tell them apart, I got a label maker and have put the design name on the side of each box so I can tell which is which. Makes it very easy to choose one in the morning.
  12. ^^That's what I do too--in the boxes labeled with a label maker with name and colorway. At some point am hoping to take photos of them all and put them in a book of some kind so I have a visual.
  13. I used to keep them in the boxes, labelled with that beige laminated tag showing the sku and name/colour they usually come with. Then I found they just smelled not fresh so i now keep them unboxed and folded. much better. I now have the orange boxes neatly displayed on one of the shelves in my bedroom and that way I get to enjoy the orange even more often.
  14. I love that!!! I need more orange, too!!! If I keep my closet door open, I can see the huge orange box with my Kelly inside and two scarf boxes on top of it. Other than that, no orange anywhere else...:sad:

    I own two scarves and a twilly (hopefully buying another Twilly soon) and I keep them in their boxes. I should probably take them out but I don't wear them much because I'm still learning how to tie them. Plus, they're so gorgeous that I'm afraid to use them sometimes... bad, I know! :angel: