proper hem length for skinny jeans?

  1. i was wondering how long a skinny jean should be so that it looks good with heels/platforms. i bought one yesterday but it looks awkward with my pumps, like the hem is too long and it curves around the heel...if you know what i mean. and it's a bit scrunchy on the bottom so i'm definitely going to get them hemmed...but i don't know how much! should it be hemmed so that it would hit the top of my shoe?? what looks the best?

  2. typically, the hem of the jeans whould hug snuggly around your ankles, or just half an inch below the ankle. before you decided to go hem your jeans, just wear it barefoot, and make sure that the hem JUST touches the floor or goes around your ankles.

    let me know how it goes! :biggrin:
  3. i like mine long and scrunchy looking, it gives a bit of balance at the bottom so you don't look too carrot-like. but if i do take them up i take them to the length that they almost hit the floor, just short of being long enough to step on.
  4. I think it's OK to have them a teeny bit longer and scrunchy looking. In my experience, denim shrinks over time and so I get it hemmed longer to allow for that.

    I simply cannot stand too short jeans or pants. My legs are super short and I need some length so I don't look stumpy. I hem my skinny (in my case, straight leg) jeans knowing I'll wear heels with them so they are a little long.

  5. I agree. :yes:

    Don't lose the scrunch; unless you only want to wear them with boots (or with legwarmers!).