Proper Balenciaga Care: Step-by-Step

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  1. Most of the other threads on here about caring for bags are 10+ pages long and keep veering off topic. For new bbag owners (like myself) who may not have the time to spend countless hours browsing all the care/maintenance threads (like I did), hopefully this is helpful!

    What to get:
    Apple Leather Care
    Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent

    What to do:
    STEP 1: Condition with Apple Leather Care
    a) Apply leather conditioner onto a clean cloth. Conditioning reduces the look of cracks, scuffs and worn areas. Regular conditioning also protects against water damage.
    b) Massage conditioner on leather in circular motions
    c) Wipe off excess conditioner with a dry cloth and allow to dry
    STEP 2: Protect with Rain & Stain Repellent
    a) Spray all over bag, holding bottle 6-8 inches away from bag. Do not hold over any single spot for more than 1-2 seconds to avoid dark spots
    b) Allow to dry

    Repeat every few months!

    If anyone has any suggestions/tips/tricks/modifications, feel free to submit! Advice on how to deal with the handles would be great as well.
  2. bump
  3. thanks for that summary. i was just baffled by the pages of commentary in another thread about care for the bags...was so overwhelmed. with balenciaga not recommending any product on their bags...has anyone not taken steps with protectants and moisturizers? have you untreated bags stood up well to the elements and handling? i kept hearing that products will fade the color. i will use preventatives to protect my precious bag, if it really won't hold up by itself.
  4. Thanks for consolidating all the advice, indygo. It really is hard to wade through pages and pages of discussion.
  5. By the way, Bal has come out with their own moisturizing cream that they sell in boutiques.
  6. oh Fashion1, have you used their moisturizer yet? congrats on your latest addition.
  7. Perfect. I have this for my couch and shoes, wasn't sure whether or not it was "Bal safe."
  8. I tried their moisturiser and some of the colour started to come off my bag!
  9. Thanks Indygo! This is great! Thank you! I also hear that for distressed leather like Bal, recommended using Meltonian Cleaner & Conditioner. Am wondering if any gals/guys have tried this and what are your findings from using this?

    Thanks much in advance!
  10. You should apply the moisturizer with your fingers and then let it dry for some hours, after that you bump it with the special cloth the box has inside. Then the color wont come off. I have done this procedure with black, dark night and coquelicot. The results were overwhelming!:smile:
  11. Thank you:smile: although one of the handle loops has started fraying, so she's already going back for repairs. Sigh.
  12. Thanks for that,I'll give it a try:smile: Although the loops that hold that hold the shoulder straps have already started fraying so she has to go back for repairs already which is pretty upsetting.
  13. Hi ladies! I'm relatively new to Bbags and I just purchased my very first! Unfortunately, we're in the wet season here in Asia.:rain:

    Anyhoo, this has been asked a lot of times, please spare me. :shame: If I am to spray using Apple Garde and use Apple Conditioner, should I avoid the stitches? or do I just spray away? I read that it may darken the stitches?

    2 to 3 layers right? letting it dry in between?
  14. Hi
    Thanks for those tips on cleaning and maintenance. Being a new owner I would like to learn the correct way to look after my bag
  15. Sorry about the spelling in my last post.