Proof that Chanel is for the more mature

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Jul 22, 2006
Hi Ladies. First of all, I tend to peruse around the LV forum as well only because I'm wanting some pieces from LV and doing some research. I notice how the topics in LV are very diverse and often times, JUVENILE. The things forum members post are so weird at times. Not to bash them in any way. Examples:

"Who only has one LV"

"LV on vacation/travel"

I guess these are fun topics. This just goes to show how the Chanel forum is much more objective, questions/topics related to the bags and the pursuit of getting those bags. Again, the reasons why are Chanel resources are hard to come by vs. LV resources online - so we depend on vital info from other forum members, LV market share is larger than Chanels due to the different price ranges. Just an observation! ;)
As much as there are "juvenile" topics in the LV forum there are also very helpful, informative ones as well. I love the fun and serious topics!! (in ALL the forums!!!:yes: :yes:
Not open for further replies.