Proof that bag karma comes to us all.....

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  1. So, I wanted my next Spy to be blueberry and I have been saving for a while! Then I finally got some bag karma...first I found a white Spy on eBay for £200!! was perfect apart from a small tear on it but I managed to find someone to fix it for £60! :yahoo:

    BUT then.....:dothewave:

    I bid on this and won it for £340!!! It has to be my bargain of all time!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! The colour is TDF especially when it looks purple! It's in MINT condition too and the bubbles are so pretty!

    This is proof that bag karma comes to all of us one day...:love:
    BlueberrySpy1.jpg BlueberrySpy2.jpg
  2. A close up of the bubbles!!:heart::heart:
  3. OMG! Awesome bag and such a bargain! Congrats!
    Please send your bag karma to me!:yes:
  4. :nuts: That is absolutely insane!!! :nuts: I can't believe someone sold their blueberry already!

    :yahoo:Don't you love finding great deals? Congratulations on your purchases! :yahoo:
  5. What an absolute bargin and a beautiful bag!!! Congrats!!! The blue is absolutely scrumptuous on that one. That's definitely wonderful bag karma! Send some my way, sweetie!
  6. O:wtf: M:wtf: G:wtf:

    £340????!!!! that means LESS THAN

    Ok, sweetie, you win the SCORE OF THE CENTURY AWARD!!!!! What a FABULOUS find, GORGEOUS perfect BUBBLY spy. :yahoo: Congratulations!!!
  7. And coming from DECO, you know that SAYS it all!!! ;) I'm back to drool some more!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. OMG! What a bargain, you did so well! Congrats, gorgeous bag!
  9. Oh man, where was i??? Love the bag. Looks scrumptious!!
  10. I always have this same thought, too! One day, it will be my time for an amazing deal, though.

  11. that color is stunning...i love it!!
  12. wow what a deal. congrats. it's lovely.
  13. Fabulous deal for such a fabulous bag
  14. Thanks so much everyone!! I always read about things like this happening to other Pfer's, and I was so pleased and shocked when some good luck came my way!! Trust me it will happen to you all one day!!:yes:

    it really does feel like the score of the century!! ;)Especially since it is a new colour and I was about to go and buy it from Selfridges next week after pay day!!
    There was only one bid before me for £330 and then I put my maximum bid of £650 (even then it would have been a bargain!) Couldn't believe it when I won it!!
    Just waiting for my white Spy to come back from being fixed then I'll post some more pics!!
  15. OMG that is brilliant, over the moon for you. The bag is wonderful and full of bubbles. You got such a deal cannot believe it, this must be the deal of the year.

    Big Congrats could not have gone to a nicer person