Proof that a 50 yr old lady can still be beautiful! Rehab reveal!

  1. What an amazing vintage Cashin discovery! I'm so happy for you that you found one! Thank you for taking the time to share all your rehab resurrections! I love seeing your before and after pics and reading your stories! I've learned a lot from you and can better appreciate vintage Coach handbags.

  2. Thanks so much, I was really thrilled to find her! And I am happy that the Saks label was on top of the Coach tag; if not, she would have been marked up and behind the counter in the front of the store!
  3. Thanks! This was a very lucky find but in the same way that I felt that there was something "not quite right" about the white pebbled satchel that I had looked at first - all my instincts told me that "this is the real thing!" even though I had never seen a genuine early Coach Cashin IRL before!

    Thank goodness for TPF and our wonderful authenticators, I would never have the confidence to buy vintage bags without their support and expertise!
  4. I let her soak for a long time - 30 or 40 minutes - and I also rubbed her down vigoursly inside and out with a soft cloth.

    Sometimes I use a soft toothbrush to work on stains when I am giving a bath to a vintage bag but I didn't need to do that with this little bag.
  5. Thank you! Yes, I am certain that the early Bonnie Cashin bags with the striped lining were the start of Coach's brand identification with colorful stripes!
  6. Thanks so much, I am delighted with her! And I am delighted that I have so many nice fellow Coachies to share her with, because I know that you all appreciate just how special she is!
  7. Wow , Love it ! Nice find :woohoo:
  8. That's the way that I think too! Not only is this a special little bag because it is beautiful and it was designed by a very talented and unusual woman, but because it has survived so much history and she is still functional and gorgeous! Thank you!
  9. Thank you so much, I just couldn't believe that she was still in such great condition after 50 years; even those skinny leather straps are still perfectly intact! This is a quality bag and someone took good care of her for a long, long time!
  10. I l-o-v-e vintage Cashin Coach. I knew right away when I saw your tease of the original legacy lining that you were going to make me drool with a gorgeous kisslock bag! For some reason I was imagining one of the watermelon totes....but this is fabulous! As always, you've done a wonderful job. I'm forever in awe of your rehabs; you have the patience of Job to do what you do! I wish I had an ounce of your motivation because I'd love to be able to find an "old bag" like that and revive her! Fantastic, Kate! I hope you will keep her and carry her with pride.
  11. It's amazing that she survived so well and rehabbed so beautifully. This is a very small bag but then again, she is a "Small Shopper" and you don't need much to go shopping! Just your money and keys and a few other essentials and she can handle that with style!
  12. Thanks so much! Wow, I would love to take a tour of Coach's vault, but I would be like a poor diabetic kid in a candy store, so much eye-candy but I can't have any!

    I would love to visit the Bonnie Cashin archives at UCLA too - I wonder if they are open to the public?
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    I'm sitting here with a sad face because you're story is over with! What a great author you are!

    50 years old. Good golly miss molly. That bag is probably older than most of the Coachies on tpf. And it looks amazing. That leather, oh dear, that leather.

    Your rehabs are wonderful and so much fun to read about and thank you for including us in your adventures!

    (and kudos to that cobbler...I didn't think that could be fixed.)
  14. And thank you! I have learned so much from other TPFers so this is just my way of "paying it forward" and trying to help others recognize and appreciate beautiful, vintage bags.

    BTW, I love your avatar! I was very drawn to that bag when I was looking at her just last Sunday, but I decided to go for the rose patent baby sage. I have enjoyed carrying her for the last couple of days; have fun carrying your beautiful Kristin bag too!
  15. Thank you! In the past, whenever I've day-dreamed about finding an original Cashin Coach in great condition at a fabulous price, I always dreamed that it would be one of the watermelon totes! No such luck, but maybe it will happen someday. In the meantime I am enjoying this sweet little bag.

    And you may be better off not getting bitten by the "rehabbing bug" because it is overwhelming! I have a pile of bags to rehab, not enough time, and I just bought a navy Willis today! I have to stop going to thrift stores! I mean it! (I hope!)