Proof people don't read the auctions!

  1. This the 3rd or 4th time I've gotten an email on one of my auctions asking what the reserve is, when I have clearly listed the reserve in the first paragraph in bright red letters! LOL It's fine, and I"m happy to answer, it just cracks me up that people are bidding on things they don't really read anything about.
  2. LOL!!! I hear you! I was selling a bag once and the title of the auction said AUTH LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY 30 LIKE NEW and some tart emailed me and asked me if the bag I had for sale was speedy 30? :shocked: I responded back "Is that a trick question?" :lol:

  3. but are u REALLY sure it was a speedy 30 , H-addict? :roflmfao:
  4. Lol, may they're too exciting and miss the description? :lol: I've some buyers and unfortunately, asked me after auctions ended by BIN ( asked me to send payment method that I can't accept, not by I don't want to accept but I totally can't accept by the service not avalaible in my country ).
  5. Mmm, may they see your Speedy too big or too small and guess you wrote wrong title? :shrugs:
  6. love the rapt attention with which ebayers read auctions with.
  7. It's true not many read them carefully. If I have put instructions for payment such as payment required within 24 hours, I usually get an email after the bidder has won telling me they will pay me on payday, which is usually 3-4 days away. I wish they would ask me if that was okay before they bid.
  8. I think the most annoying one is when they ask you if the bag you're selling is authentic. Well, I find it annoying because I never sell anything fake. Of course, they don't really know that. But still -- it's pretty time consuming to state the same answer over and over again -- yes, it's real!
  9. LOL! I can totally related to your experience and it makes me wonder sometimes why did I bother to write a detailed description when nobody reads anyway :shrugs:
  10. I just had an auction end that was US, UK and Canada only and you would not believe the # of questions I got asking if I shipped to belgium, or thailand or germany and so on... and the one i have up now offers worldwide shipping and I just got a question asking me how much to Thailand when all she had to to was select her country from a drop down menu!
  11. i got my only negative because some idiot didn't read the auction.
  12. i know what you mean!
  13. I feel your pain, but then again I recall working in a shop as a student and having to answer no end of daft questions over and over again. At least on eBay there is a cut and paste facility and the option to delay replying until you choose to with a glass of wine to hand . . .Or is that just me?!
  14. Ugh, so true...I have buyers constantly asking me questions that have the answers listed right there.
  15. LMAO @ the wine. I deal with the same sort of dumb questions all day at work too, somedays I certainly wish I could answer the phone with a glass of wine, or put them all on hold until i'm ready to deal with their stupidity.