Proof from Louis Vuitton

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  1. How do you feel about eBay sellers that offer refunds only with proof from your local Louis Vuitton store?

    The same seller used to offer refunds with proof from mypoupette, but apparently not anymore.
  2. LV doesn't authenticate anymore.
  3. LV doesn't authenticate, I'm sure some counterfit sellers are aware that LV doesnt authenticate so thats probably how they make their money?
  4. just out of curiosity, did LV ever authenticate and if so, why and when did they stop?
  5. I thought LV stores did still authenticate, it just depends which store you go to? :shrugs:
  6. It depends on SA but still no written statement.Paypal needs written statement from LV when buyer claim the item isn't authentic.
  7. Yes I realize that LV doesn't authenticate anymore, which is why I'm a bit worried about the seller (though he has sold authentic items before, judging from the feedback).
  8. I would not trust sellers that only "offer refunds only with proof from your local Louis Vuitton store".

    Now if this seller used to offer refunds with proof of mypoupette, why did he stop offering it? He probably knows that LV does not offer any type of proof and especially in writing.

    Personally, I would stay away. There is just too many scammers this days.
  9. Ok...this is the story...I am a MPRS...LV never actually "offically" authenticated pieces...

    They did so on a hit or miss basis. There was NEVER an offical policy. It was up to the individual store management personel. Most did not want to deal with it. Way too much crap being hauled into their upscale salons on a regular basis that people thought was authentic. That was how Angie came up with an angle on her business. She was sick and many of us were of the scam artists out there. She only evolved to save many of YOU lots of money...

    That was the original intent. Lots of her originals MPRS are like me...Loving LV for what it is...
  10. Over here, I think only the store manager can authenticate, but only verbally. They try to steer clear from authenticating though.
  11. I sooo wanted to say that, but I wasn't too sure if that was true or not... :P

  12. Two dumb questions from me:
    1) what does MPRS mean?
    2) who is Angie?
  13. My Poupette Reseller
    Angie founder of the company My Poupette for more info
  14. Thank you!:smile:
  15. In my city i don't have a problem with authenticating. The SA here are very nice. However u do get the look with this stuff which i don't appreciate.

    I don't understand that where u guys live they don't authenticate anymore? How do u mean as in they won't do in writing???? I thought they never do it writing just verbally.

    See LV are complaining that mypoupette are making alot of money through authentications when in actual fact it's their fault for not do authentications in the first place. It really really silly.