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  1. Could we run through many of the styles and post how to pronounce each name. For example, I've got no clue as to whether batignolles is pronounced like it's spelled or not. I'd hate to sound like moron by mispronouncing the name when I'm trying to place an order or!

    Other examples: drouot, trotteur, boulogne, pochette accessories, saumur, saleya, malsherbes...I'm sure there are other styles that are confusing too -- if we could do a rundown on some of the proper pronunciations I think that would be so helpful for newbies like me.
  2. LOL I frequently mispronunce the bags and get corrected by my SA.
  3. I remember there used to be a similar thread about this somewhere. It could be useful to sticky it. :yes:
  4. When I was originally typing out my post I'd said that very same thing but deleted it before posting because I didn't want everyone to think I was being bossy since I'm new here...hahahaha! It seems logical to me to have a sticky with the proper pronunciation for all the styles.
  5. Yah, there is a thread about it already. Let me see if I can find it.
  6. thank you Michelle! Top of the list...I was even mispronouncing damier (in my head it was dah-me-yer) I've bookmarked the link and I'm sure I will revisit it frequently!

    A moderator should make this a sticky for sure!
  7. i've found it, it's really good.
  8. No problem, happy to help! Yah, it's a very good resource.
  9. Err, then did I sounded bossy? :sweatdrop: Never had the intention to, though. :shame: Just suggesting coz I sincerely think it could be useful to all, especially newbies or those who can't speak French. :shrugs:
  10. I was corrected by my SA when I called a Noe' (the accented e is pronounced like an a....No-a). I told her to call me when the Noe (No-e) was in.:yes: :yes:

  11. NO NO No...what I meant was since I was new *I* might sound bossy seeing that I don't know how this forum works, don't know anyone, etc. Kind of like I've only been here a day and already I'm suggesting ways to improve. Knowing that someone with over 800 posts and a veteran to the forum (you) thought the same thing confirmed that it really would be a useful thing. I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding. I never meant to imply you were being bossy!!! I'm sorry!!
  12. You did not sound bossy at all I LOVE LV, but I don't think divabeadz meant to imply that. :yes:
    I think you both have a great idea!:idea: It would really be helpful for all us newbies esp when going to the boutique. I feel foolish sometimes, but then I realize some of the newer SAs don't know how to pronounce the names properly either.
    Thanks to you both for suggesting this....:flowers:
  13. Noé = "No - whe"

    Almost like "way" on the 2nd sylable given the accent over the E.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.