pronunciation question

  1. Don't know if this is the right forum to ask this, but I figured I would try asking you bag fanatics! :P

    How do you pronounce Longchamp, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent? Whenever I go shopping and ask for these brands, I feel like I'm saying it wrong. Help! Thanks.
  2. Hermes - air mezz
    Yves Saint Laurent - Eve Saan Lauran - all soft
  3. Longchamp - Lawn(g)-shawmp
  4. balenciaga?
  5. Ba-len-see-aga :graucho:
  6. thanks for the link.. very helpful thread..
  7. Glad to see this thread bumped.

    Although we don't have a subforum dedicated to it but BVLGARI, anyone? :shrugs:

    Buhl-gah-ree? Or Bull-guh-ree?
  8. so helpful!! thnx

  9. Both are acceptable the later is more common and more bourgeois.
  10. ^ Aha, thanks!
  11. Choose the first, thats how we pronounce it in France and i think its closer. anyway my aunt pronounces it that way and she used to be best friends with Nathalie Bulgari.
  12. Yes it is. its not chahn. well wait, when you write chahn you mean an a like an apple? if you do its wrong.
    Problem is I dont think there is the sound Champ in english... so i dont know how to write it.