Pronunciation question.

  1. Is it Anna Corinna as in (Cor EE na) or Corinna as (Cor IN a)????

    I just don't want to look like a moron when I talk about my bag, LOL.
  2. I think Cor IN a, mostly because the standard 'rule' for English would be that if it were the former (Cor EE na) it would be spelt differently - eg. Coreena.

    But there are always exceptions to rules!
  3. I say CorEEna. But I might be wrong, lol.
  4. I say CorEEna as well. I thought the two n's made it an EE sound instead of IN.
  5. I'm so glad you started this. Can someone tell me how to pronounce "Botkier"? tia
  6. Seriously! yves St. Laurent, anyone?

    I pronounce it Cor-inn-uh but I have no idea if I'm right.

    Related: When i first started buying La Mer, i pronounced it La-Merr lol! My friends still make fun of me :shame:
  7. It's "bot-key-air".

    At first glance I want to make it French and say "bot-key-eeeeh" .... but that's incorrect. :p
  8. I pronounce it eaves saint lor-ont (rhymes closely with font).

    Of course, I'm sure there are other versions!
  9. Thanks! That was my guess too.
  10. I say EVE Saint Laur-on (the S on Yves is silent in French). La Mer is La Mare. I also pronounce the other two as Bot-key-er, and Cor-in-a... but po-tat-o and po-tot-o... right?? ;)
  11. Great, now that we are on the subject...Belen Echandia? Is it E-chan-dia or E-kahn-dia. I am a retard!!!!
  12. haha I think EVERYONE says Yves Saint Laurent differently. Your best bet? Just saying YSL. hehe.