1. Somebody please tell me how to pronounce batignolles!!! :unsure:
    nole(LIKE HOLE)
  3. bah-tee-no
  4. pinch poke!
  5. Thank you much!!
  6. ;)
  7. hehe. i went into LV the other day to try on this bag and pronounced it like such a hick. bag-un-ti-nell (which is SO wrong BTW)...the SA just looked at me like HUH? smart girl to ask for a pronucation guide. :smile:
  8. I agree with this pronunciation. Although, because of the G in the word, there's a slight N sound on the "tee", so it's like "tee(N)". You have to have a good French ear to hear it I guess. The end is also not just "no", it's "nole" like Jill said.
  9. i was wondering the same thing. i was on elux earlier and my husband kept trying to pronounce the word.
  10. Yeah I never knew lol. I just pointed to it on the shelf and asked to see "that one." None of the SAs knew either hehe. But now that I see it, "Bah tee nole" sounds right.
  11. Yup, Bah-teen-yole. The transition between the N and Y is kind of an in the back of the throat glottal sound. I had no idea either, I made my SIL's French boyfriend read me all the items on Eluxury so I don't sound like a rube when I go into an LV store.
  12. Crap, my bf's sister's bf is Romanian. :nuts:
  13. lol.. i at one point pronounced it "bah-tig-nol-lays" and my friend was like.. you know that guy?? apparently, if you pronounce it like that, it's a name of his friend.. LOL.
  14. I was wondering the same thing and had been trying for weeks to figure out how to say it so I could ask for one!
  15. I've been pronouncing it this way too when I talk about it with BF. :shame: