Promotional Code For X-mas Catalogue? Help!

  1. Hi guys,
    How do I find the Promotional Code for the Christmas Book? I want to order the Chanel & Gucci Cocktail Book !! Thx sooo much:smile:
  2. Source Code: KA020
    Catalog Code: CB06
  3. But they are asking for the Promotional code #? By the way...My source code is different than yours.. Mine is KA131 Thank You for the information !!
  4. Chanel book: 23P Jacques Helleu & Chanel 125.00
    Gucci: 23E Gucci by Gucci 150.00
  5. have you looked in Deals and Steals? There may not be a promo code available right now.
  6. Is there a way to obtain a Chanel Catalogue? I know LV has one, I have seen it @ a clients' shop. I would like to see all the Chanel available, is that possible for shoppers or just retailers?
  7. ^there's not a catalog w/ all their styles, colors, leathers in it. Every season they make some beautiful marketing materials that often include a catalog{s} of selected pieces from a specific Ligne, but never a full catalog.
    Your local Chanel shop usually has them if you ask, I always pick up a few when I visit.
  8. i was able to pick up an accessories catalog in a Boston store . It was for fall, i think.
  9. Thnx Girls!! I will get my SA to send me what she has.