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  1. Hello all! Since everyone is like family, I just wanted to share that I got a promotion and a really nice raise! Doing a little dance in my office (but keeping an eye out for co-workers who might think that I am seizuring). :P
  2. OMG, congrats SuLi. So excited & happy for u. Are you thinking of getting a bag to reward yourself? *wink*
  3. congrats, SuLi! ::doing a little dance with you, too, so co-workers won't think you're seizuring:: ;)
  4. That's excellent...well done! Yay! xx :biggrin:
  5. Now you can get more bags!! YAY!
  6. Happy for you. Congratulations!
  7. CONGRATS SuLi! That is wonderful news! :nuts:
  8. Champagne!!!! :biggrin:

    Many congrats. You deserved it!
  9. :biggrin: That's great news SuLi!!! I'm sure you've earned and totally deserve it!!!

    Now, which bag are you going to buy to celebrate?:nuts:
  10. Good Girl !!!! Congrats !!!
  11. congratulations....yay u !! :lol:
  12. Congrats!!
  13. YAY!

    SuLi, I'm so happy for you!!! :smile:
  14. Good reason to get new bag(s). Congrats!!!
  15. Congrats to you!!! That's exciting news!
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