Promo Codes for Bloomingdale's?

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  1. Just wondering.. I have my eye on a bag at Bloomies online and was wondering if anyone knows if there are any current promo or coupon codes floating around out there? :graucho:

  2. Bloomingdale's F&F online code is FRIENDS. Good from 9/30 - 10/3
  3. This isn't working for me, are there restrictions, sale or regular priced merchandise?
  4. The code does not work for another 3 days. Today is only the 27th.
  5. foxyisha: cool, thanks
  6. thhanks so mucch, have my eye on a marc jacobs bagg :biggrin:
  7. I'm so excited for this sale, I've got a cart full of goodies!
  8. I just used the code ONLYCOUPONS20 and got 20% off a pair of Burberry rain shoes.
  9. is there any free shipping codes?
  10. oooo thanks!!! i just bought my michelle watch for 236! I think they might have priced this item wrong.. as I know nordies has it at a higher price. doesnt seem to be logical to have the bigger one priced less. So... I always check daily to see if they have changed the price hoping they wont catch it till Friday! Nway.. cause of the code.. i bought it today! yay!!!:yahoo:
  11. Which Michele watch did you purchase, speedylover?
  12. FF20 Their Friends & Family is live!
  13. DOn't forget, there are exclusions
  14. Hi Diann, do you have the exclusion list? Thank you!

  15. F&F started just now (online only) with code FALLFRIEND