Promo bags a few new from AW10

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  1. I really thought I was getting a bit more careful ordering bags, but again, I got too playful on BEC :biggrin:..of course nothing compare to last years frenzy! Down to 8 this year..

    So today a box with some of the goodies arrived!

    3 Charm mes in pebbled luxe..One reg in Coffee, two midis in Dark Red and in Dark brown.( one more midi in croc Tan incoming)..similar modifications as with my Dark purple CM..and with NO FEET!

    1 modified Supernova in Red Sheen w/ messenger strap :yahoo:
    I am not a 'RED' bag person at all, but small bags in the Dark Red pebbled and in the Red sheen works by me! Especially the Red Sheen is a leather I so love:smile:..I like the glossies, but the sheens are so much more 'alive'..

    I Large Treasure me which Jackie made on my request. This is in the Black crash w/ studs instead of feet, so it'll become extra 'baggy' with time. I have yet to recieve another one in Port pebbled.This is a great size for me and my stuff!!

    Two new bags from this years collection came as well.The last Dark Brown crackle Treasure me and the Black shimmer Inspire me w/ gold hw ..just for a change..and ..wowsa..the crackle brown is special..thick thick and chewy!..and the Black shimmer is pure love!! So incredible soft , thick and chewy too!

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    The Large treasure me in Black crash, Dark brown treasure me and the Inspire me in Black Shimmer :biggrin:

    The fuzzy picture was to show studs in stead of feet..but dogs are waiting to come out and 'help' me gardening..LOL..and I spot white dog hairs on the pics as well..sorry about that!..but I will try to get better pics asp!

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  3. :nuts: congratulations. enjoy your new bags
  4. Wow, Bonnie, those are just gorgeous! Each one better than the one before!

    Congrats, can't wait to hear your reports after carrying them for a bit.
  5. WOW...gorgeous loot Bonnie!! I love the red sheen Supernova!! Great addition of the messenger strap!

    The Charm Me in red pebbled...well...that has been in my head for a while...but looks SUPER!! What lining did you get with it?
  6. Thanks all!
    Odebbie..I have red lining in the Red pebbled CM..and it suits the leather perfectly perfect..:smile:

    I'll take better pics later tomorrow! ..evening is here, so I'm a bit busy right now..something involving a knife and are hungry :devil:
  7. Bon, I like that Red Sheen Supernova.
  8. Wonderful bags, Bonnie. I too especially like the Supernova with the strap. Simply beautiful.
  9. that supernova with strap is beautiful Bonnie!!..makes a good date night with hubby handbag!!:nuts: hmmm..I see a supernova in black shimmer someday..hmm..
  10. Lovely! Thanks for sharing. I would be full in for a supernova with a strap like that if anyone else is having similar ideas after seeing bonnie's pretty pictures.... D
  11. Thank you all! evening out with hubby is not in the cards at the moment!
    Autumn meetings are lining up...and.. I think he'll be a bit scared of the Red bag.. LOL!!

    Actually my other Supernovas are about to be shipped to the workshop to be altered..:graucho:

    A Black shimmer Supernova will be PERFECT! I love this leather..thick and so yummy :biggrin:
  12. Fab bags, I like all the design changes! The strap on the supernova makes the bag IMO as I'm not really a clutch person. I'm OK using a Kiss Me with the wrist strap but anything bigger I just find an effort to carry

    My dark blue crash Charm Me midi will go into produciton next week and I've got the rolled handles as well so very pleased to see how nice they look on your CMs. :biggrin:
  13. Tote, that sounds great and having seen Sandy's blue crash Charm Me, this style will look fabulous.
  14. Thanks Tote..I'm so happy with the rolled handles..especially on this model, because it is a 'robust' model so to say! The handles are so confortable.

    Looking forward seeing your result!
  15. I love all your new goodies! Congratulations, but I especially like the look of the larger "Treasure Me" - It has a nice proportional look to it's front - looks like a "real" messenger bag to me- Enjoy them all!