delivered!!! my recent addiction...(pics)

  1. as pics stand for thousands of words, everybody can pretty much guess how "bad" i have been for the last two weeks or so by judging from my pics ...but i'm totally in love with my recent collections, also realizing that i should probably work double hard :yes:

    so there you go, hope everyone enjoys the pics:heart:
    EPI_petit_noe_rouge.JPG bandeau.JPG accessorized_noe.JPG pomme_vernis_koala_wallet.JPG
  2. more coming up.....:yes:
  3. pretty!!
  4. Great collection pix! Love ur pomme koala wallet and bandeau!
    and Welcome to tPF!
  5. Very pretty!! Congrats!
  6. congrats!
  7. WOAH! They're all gorgeous! Especially the Red Epi petite noe, as I'll be getting that soon :p
  8. Love them!!
  9. Love the colors!!!!
  10. Love everything! What i sthe name of teh bandeau!? I have to have it!
  11. Very cute bandeau - is it new for spring? Congrats on the recent purchases!
  12. i was on the waiting list for a damier azur speedy 25 or 30 for almost over 2 months now. this cles is the last one at the store....totally irresistible...:heart:

    my mono zippy wallet is an anniversary gift from my hubby....:)
    damier_azur_cles.JPG mono_zippy_wallet.JPG wallet_group.JPG
  13. are you still on the waiting list for the speedy? i'm thinking about buying a cles but dunno if i should just wait to purchase an accessory when i have the funds to buy a wallet as i don't know how often i would use a cles.
  14. I LOVE the wallet and the bandeu together! So gorgeous, congrats!
  15. What a haul!!!!! Congrats on your new purchases!!!!