Promise to be brutally honest? Opinions on these scarves, please...out of date or OK

  1. Now that you've promised to be honest ;), here's a little background:

    There are a few threads in here about silk scarves and how to wear them. I'm going back to work soon and will be able to dress up more than my previous jobs where t-shirt and jeans were OK.

    When I first started working back in the late 80s, scarves were my trademark. I had to dress up a lot and it strained my budget so I shopped outlets for clothes but really splurged (at least for my budget at the time) on scarves.

    So...I've brought these old beauties of of my closet for you all to see...PLEASE let me know if any of these are still OK or need to go to scarf heaven. You won't hurt my feelings. They're in excellent condition so before I retire them for good I just wanted fellow tPF advice. For the record I won't be keeping all of these but i'll keep my opinions to myself.

    Now I'll stop are the pics! (part 1 of 2)

    1. Nicole Miller champagne and roses neckerchief
    2. Nicole Miller cyberbabble neckerchief
    3. Not sure of designer, but a very lightweight wool larger square

    TIA everyone!! More in the next post...
    Scarves 1.jpg Scarves 2.jpg Scarves 3.jpg
  2. ...and the rest...part 2 of 2:

    4. Perry Ellis lightweight wool larger square
    5. Moschino street scenes silk square (stripes go all the way around and there is a red heart in each corner).
    6. Ralph Lauren floral silk larger square
    7. Let's party! Nicole Miller vodka bottle very large silk square (I used to wear this out clubbing all the time).

    Scarves 4.jpg Scarves 5.jpg Scarves 6.jpg Scarves 7.jpg
  3. I think they are all a little too loud and the colors too garish, very 80s. The Ralph Lauren is the best, but it's a bit "Laura Ashley" so it can make a classic outfit look old.
  4. i like the last one in your first post.
  5. 3,4 and 6 are all very outdated. The others are acceptable only for a kitschy look.
  6. thank you SO much everyone!! Sonya, I was secretly hoping you would post in here b/c I truly enjoy your perspectives on trends. Thank you also, lvobsessed and preppieblonde!!

    Maybe too soon in the thread but my least favorite is #4.

    I'm very likely getting rid of all of these and it's no biggie because they all got a lot of use back in the day (late 80s/early 90s).

    Thanks so much for your opinions!!
  7. I LOVE the Moschino one, and i think you could still make it work!! The RL one is pretty as would just need to be the right outfit.
  8. The only ones I like are #3 and #6
  9. 3, 5 and 6 are ok. Out of those 3, I like 3 the best and it could work for fall. The Nicole Miller and Perry Ellis ones are too 80s to wear out now. =)
  10. I'm with annemerrick on #4. I'm feeling a cute Audrey Hepburn outfit, all black with the scarf around your almost has a really French feel to it. I say keep this one!
  11. ^^ interesting idea!
  12. I personally love #7. It reminds me of a small Nicole Miller scarf that I own that has a black background with mixed drinks on it. I still get comments on how cute it is. For the others, sadly, I think their time has come and gone. However, I'm sure they will sell on eBay or the charity of your choice would love to have them.
  13. lorihmatthews, the stories number #7 could tell!! :wtf: It was definitely a going out scarf and not a go to work scarf ;).

    I haven't completely decided what stays, if any, but more than likely none of them are.

    For those who prefer #3, it really is amazing IRL but does have a couple moth holes so for that reason I'm probably not keeping it.

    Anyway, good excuse to go scarf shopping!! I'm not in my 20s anymore obviously, but I certainly don't want to go around looking dated or, egad, frumpy so I appreciate everyone's advice so much!!
  14. I think the Moschino is actually pretty cute but the others... send em to scarf heaven! haha Sorry:heart:
  15. The other ones may be a little old, but I love number 7...(The last one in your second post), I think it looks like a classic to me. Its pretty.