Promise Rings

  1. My best friend's boyfriend bought her an amazingly beautiful promise ring for Christmas. It's white gold with like 3 round cut diamonds and 4 baguette's the most beautfiful thing ever.....

    So naturally I, without a boyfriend or even anyone interested (which totally cuks because Valentine's day is 9 days away!), am very jealous.

    I was just wondering if anyone had pictures of their promise rings and if they'd be willing to show them to us.

  2. Your friend's ring sounds pretty fancy...that sounds more like an engagement ring to me! I always thought promise rings were little tokens with diamond chips or the like. :lol:

    I had a beautiful promise ring...we bought it in Maui on a trip there in 2004. It was a silver band with a little diamond in the center. BUT...about 6 months later I was traveling with my dad and I was jet-lagged and tired and I lost the ring in an airport. :crybaby:

    So when I called my boyfriend to tell him, he said, "Well, let's replace it with something even nicer." :shame:

    So that's when we started looking for my e-ring. We got married in April 2006.

    BUT (:lol:) when we went back to Maui in the summer of 2005, even though I already had my e-ring, we went back to the same jeweler where we had originally purchased the promise ring, and guess what?! THERE WAS THE RING! :lol: So he bought me another one. I never wear it, but it's in our safety deposit box. It's the EXACT same ring as the original. I love it...I wish I had more fingers (I already have an inherited right-hand-ring)!!!

    Here's a pic from the company website of my ring:


    I think it's so beautiful...this post is reminding me that I should take it out and wear it sometime.
  3. MPJ﹐ your ring is gorgeous!
  4. My boyfriend and I are coming up on our 3 year anni soon and are planning on getting promise rings. At first I was just going to have us both have white gold bands with something meaningful engraved inside, but I came across this ring for myself. And I am leaning towards this little piece or something similiar to it. It's still a band just with a tiny diamond inside. I thought it would be cuter than just a plain band.

    Tiffany & Co. | Item | Elsa Peretti® band ring. Diamond, sterling silver. | United States
  5. ^ That is a really beautiful ring. An ex-boyfriend gave that to me, but in platinum. It was so elegant I had a hard time getting rid of it when we broke up, ahhh, anyhow, Its a nice choice. Congratulaitons to you and yours on your 3 year.
  6. Thanks! I might just end up getting that ring and finding him another one. We can't afford the platinum =/
  7. Go for it!!! I have this ring (my bf bought it for me VERY early on in the relationship, so it wasn't really a promise ring) and I LOVE it. It's simple and subtle and I think perfect as a promise ring. :love:
  8. flung -- GORGEOUS!!!
  9. Sweet story!
  10. Thank you, Faith. He's a keeper. :love:
  11. :huh:O those are both gorgeous rings! I really like the Elsa Peretti ring!

    When I was dating my now husband, I think it was a year into dating. He gave me a promise ring on V-day (very sweet). It was a 0.5 carat diamond in a solitare 4 prong platinum setting.

    My younger sister got one from her BF last year, and it's a pearl solitare with a small diamond on each side.

    And I actually gave my youngest sister a purity ring which is basically a promise to us - the family, that she will wait until marriage before you know.. :graucho: :sweatdrop: Which is a great idea for teenagers.
  12. my ex-bf gave me that ring for our anniversary or v-day or something, but it was the one w/ the ruby in it. I love simple and chic, although I don't wear it anymore. Good luck and I hope you get the ring!!
  13. Yeah, I'm totally wanting the ring now that everyone on here is digging it! :yahoo: That's why I love it as well. It's simple but very cute and I won't worry about banging it up when I wear it everyday.
  14. I have been with my bf for 6 years and 4 months =)
    My first promise ring was given to me for the one year anniversary


    after a few years, we went to the gym and I was lifting weights when I told him to hold it in his pocket. The day after I remembered he had my ring and I asked for it, he said he couldnt find it anymore.

    So it was a perfect chance to get a bigger better one for the 5 year anniversary
    it is in 18k white gold, the tension band, the diamond VVS1 EF 0.56Ct


    and then last year before I moved to Socal, my dad was cleaning my car , he found my ring. After more than a year I couldnt find was in the car =) I was soo happy...
  15. I don't have a pic, but Vlad gave me a ring- it is white gold with a blue sapphire. I love it- it is simple and gorgeous!