Promise rings...?

  1. My bf bought me a promise diamonds, it was just a ring that I picked out and liked when I was in Tiffany's with him in Vegas...

    We will probably be engaged then married within the next 2 years...that's our plan...we've been together for 6 years already! :p

    Both of us are psychologically not ready for a marriage yet (I would like some more time on my career, he'd like some more time to save some $) but we're serious about each other.

    Are promise rings normally not silver? Does it matter at all? I mean, I chose that ring (silver, no diamonds) because I liked the design..that's all.

  2. It can be whatever you want. Mine is a platinum band with 3 tiny stones in it and became my "official" wedding band.
  3. thanks! does anyone have a silver promise ring?
  4. I think the last promise ring I had (years and years ago) had a miniscule little diamond. But then again that was in high school so I'm sure you know how that turned out. LOL

    My little cousin, who IS getting married, had a gorgeous diamond promise ring from her now fiance. But she also now has a stunning engagement ring. :smile:

    I think it's personal preference...whatever YOU want!
  5. I think a silver promise ring sounds lovely! I always liked silver a lot, plus, you can save that $$ for the engagement ring (Or a house!)
  6. I've also been with my boyfriend for 6 years. A promise ring can be whatever you want it to be. My promise ring is a Past, Present & Future ring (3 small diamonds). I would've been happy with a silver ring from Tiffany's :smile:
  7. My bf also bought me a Tiffany's promise ring that i picked out. its the Elsa Peretti open heart mini ring. i like something silver and simple. I would like to save the diamonds and stuff for my engagement and wedding rings. i love it and we've been together for 3 years now. Which one did you end up picking?
  8. I agree.. a promise ring can be anything! I love the silver Tiffany rings.. I own the Atlas band and the 1837 band which I substitute for my wedding band occasionally.
    Please post a pic.. I would love to see your choice, I'm sure it's lovely!
  9. I don't think it really matters. Ring is just a symbol of your promise. If you like the ring then that's all it matters I think!