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  1. prom's coming up FAST.

    i ordered my dress and it really is beautiful, the problem is... ME in the dress. i look like a cow. lol. i'm going to get it tailored though so the front is shorter than it is so it'll fit my body type.

    anyways! i have a little dilemma. i don't know how to accessorize with it. i want a bright color to contrast with the plain white, a color that'll scream. maybe like a green, red, pink, or black? since the prom's on the beach, i was thinking bright colors are a plus! i want the accessories to match with the shoes.

    if any of you have any color suggestions, websites, or pictures that'll help me, i'd really appreciate it!
  2. Your dress is gorgeous! So pretty, and partying on the beach?! Absolutely the finest choice IMO ;)

    I think silver accessories would really go with the dress and there are a lot of metallics around at the moment, however it might be a bit 'bridal' and not quite as fun as you want for prom/school formal.

    So it's up to you of course, but you should have lots of choices out there - something in a bright aqua with some beading might be a bit more 'beach-y'. Just watch how you do the shoes, you may kick them off before the end of the night, and if so, you probably don't want them to be too pricey.
  3. I was thinking blue/green tones too! I think it will look my 'play'ful with any jewel tones
  4. Lovely dress I would go for silver also, don't do the "Scream" thing, subtle is more classy!
  5. Turquoise, definitely blue-green color.

    And you may want to wear flat jeweled sandals since it's at the beach.
  6. I agree with the above posters on adding some splashes of color, but not over the top.. blue/green would be fabulous.. If I were in that dress, I would do a red peep toe heel, hair down, flowy with a red accessory in there... and pearls (either gold or natural) ;)

    Hope I didnt go over the line with the recommendations.. I love prom time, wish I was back there again (whoa, that was my first "old" person line)

  7. A beautiful dress! I'd go for bright green accessories, they'd look nice and fresh, especially now in spring. But with green it can easily end up looking too casual, so go for more bling' accessories like diamonds etc, something shiny anyways.
    I really like this necklace, it's cute and I think that this color would also go nicely with a white dress and a beach prom :smile:
    (its by kenneth jay lane)
  8. hey its the BCBG dress from s/s2004!
    I was going to wear it for my prom too back then but it was over 1000$! anyway you'd look great with silver strappy heels and a cute little satin purse

    have loads of fun ok?
  9. wow gorgeous dress!
    i just found a vera wang one that i would LOVE for my prom, its emerald green chiffon at the top and like a velvet with an empire waist that falls to your kness! its GORGEOUS! i just cant afford it right now, its about $500 and i really would pay it for this dress but i have a flippin holiday to pay off :sad:
    sorry back to your dress, i think the flat shoes would be a better option at the beach lol and the aqua/bluey/green tones would go great too because you'd sort of match the location with the sea and everything and they would compliment the dress gorgeous, add a slash of colour! or you could play it safe and go for silver.
  10. thanks!

    j'aime vuitton, the strappy heels are gooorgeous, but i'm scared when i go to take them off throughout the festivities, i might lose them!
    bitten, yeah, ITA. the silver might be a little bridal, so the blue/aqua sounds perfect!
    blew, ita. thanks!
    angel, thanks! i think it might look a little bridal though?
    sonya, blue-green is a def!
    kissme, thanks for your input! your suggestions were great. definitely not over the top. =)
    ruusu, i love love love that necklace. hopefully i'll find shoes!
    meri, yeah, it is from BCBG! over 1000? WOW. lol and i'll have fun and post pictures! thanks!
    gg, oooh, i hate when that happens! dig yourself out of the holiday debt and get on that dress! `;D