prom shoes!

  1. Hey girls! I need serious help picking shoes for my prom this year, i'm so lost!


    Thats my dress! I ordered it this morning ahahah (only 5 months before)

    I'm totally CLUELESS right now on my shoes, i don't want them to be to matchy matchy, but I want it to look really well put together

    Any opinions would be lovely!!
  2. Simple muted gold sandals!

    Who makes the dress and from where did you order it?
  3. I can't see the dress.... booo :sad:
  4. A big part of the shoe depends on the date as well... I'm tall but so was my date, so I could wear a high heel, my friend was the same height as hers, so she just found some cute flats.
  5. wow!!! stunning dress!!!!!!!!
  6. Definitely a gorgeous dress, but I think buying it over the internet is kind of scary, because when I bought mine in a store I had to have all kinds of alteration done to it. You never know what a dress will look like on you! I would wear a muted gold sandal, or maybe a pair of black or brown heels with gold hardware on them.
  7. ooh, quick note about the dress... you might want to get it hemmed slightly? Sometimes people step on trains, esp. if you bend your knees when dancing, and you wouldn't want the dress to tear. If you do get it hemmed, ask to keep any pieces they cut off, so that way you can bring them with you when buying shoes, and match it better!