Prom Help?

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  1. Its prom season!, I am currently looking for a prom dress. My issue is that I am looking for a cute n sexy (not too sexy) dress. I dislike most of the styles out there which are (too puffy,skanky..ect). I would like a dress which is strapless,fitted at waist(corset fit). I would love it if the cut would be semi below knee. Do any of you know any good proms sites. For designers I am currently looking at Jovani,BCBG,Unger ect. I am staying away from Betsey Johnson bc everyone in my year owns something from her. I have a couple of questions which I would love if any of you guys can anwser Is it true that you cannot wear black to prom?, Do you must wear a long length dress to prom?, I am 5'8 am I too tall to wear heels?(my date is 6'2) By the way My body type is hourglass,I have long legs, I have chest,and I would like to cover the "girls", I have a caramel/olive skin tone,and my measurments are 35-26-35,and I am average wieght. TIA!:yes:
  2. I love that second dress!! Esp. in blue!
  3. I love the second dress too. I don't know though if it is "prom enough".
  4. I wore this marc by marc jacobs dress to my prom last year:



    It wasn't too long. It was very different from all the other girls dresses, so I definately suggest you stray away from all the popular designs like you were saying about the Betsey Johnson designer. a lot of girls at my prom had similar dresses.
  5. Jadore, I really like the second dress you posted, esp. in blue. Many people wore black to the two proms I attended, but those may not be representative because they were very ghetto proms, LOL. Btw, are your parents from the Dominican Republic or the Commonwealth of Dominica?

    I also like the first dress Sammydoll posted.
  6. What do you think about this dress?


    Neiman Marcus. Notte by Marchesa. $850.

    You would have to wear your hair straight and wear diamond studs.
  7. OH MY!,thanks sammydoll I love that first dress!, I will have to go to Saks this week to check it out!. Thanks bchleo about the black suggestion. I guess if were to pick out something black I will purchase some jewlery & accesories which are fun colors. My prom is going to be pretty formal its going to take place in a beautiful hotel in the Upper East Side. bchleo my mother is from the Dominican Republic,and my father is from Haitian descent but his side is prodomitly French & English. So my Haitian side doesnt look Haitian at all(I guess thats the reason why I look "exotic". But to be fair I am more "Dominican" than Haitian (But I do not act ignorant & I dislike acting steryotypical). I love the dresses which are being shown ladies!,please more suggestions TIA!
  8. I think all those dresses are appropriate for prom. You don't have to wear a long dress, and you can wear black.

    Good luck in your search!
  9. I hope not! At my junior prom (8 years ago! :wtf:) I wore a tea-length, black, beaded evening gown, with long black gloves and an antique black lace jacket. It was beautiful, and I really stood out from the sea of girls clad in poofy, pastel, Cinderella-style gowns.

    In fact, I still have my prom gown, and if I'm ever able to get back to my high school weight (hah hah, yeah right! :roflmfao:) I would consider wearing it to a black-tie function. It's a classic, IMO.

    The moral of this story? Wear what looks good on you and makes you feel beautiful, even if it goes against "social norms." And above all, try not to look like everyone else! :yes:
  10. you can definitely wear black i think, and wearing heels, 2 to 3 inches is fine as well. if your prom is very formal, i'd recomment going with a long gown, instead of short, especially since you have the height to carry it off.

    i'd recommend vera wang lavender label or bcbg dresses. they're usually very flattering and elegant. here's a link for vera dresses at

    Evening Dresses - vera wang -

    good luck.
  11. I love the Kay Unger dress! In England lots of people wear black, when is the prom? The summer I assume? I personally think long dresses look a little naff, like what older people wear, I like knee length or calf length. Karen Millen, Whistles, All Saints and Reiss in England do really nice dresses that would be great for a prom, I have found these from Ted Baker Ted Baker - No Ordinary Online Store[​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I love the blue dress and that first dress that Sammydoll posted. As for being tall and wearing heels, you should go ahead and rock your height! My HS boyfriend was 6'2", and I'm close to 5'9", and I wore heels. You will definitely stand out from the crowd.