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  1. Hi all...

    I have just decided that I'm going to go to my senior prom (wasn't planning to because I don't really have friends at my school and didn't have a date...but now this really nice 11th grade guy (who I think might be gay but oh well) wants to go with me (and he's not just an 11th grader trying to get into the senior prom, because he doesn't dance and literally wants to just spend hours talking to me...why, I have no idea), so I'm gonna go).


    Are there any brands of dresses that I should stay away from? (like for poor quality and stuff)
    Any brands that you have found to be really nice and well made?

    I'm not talking about fancy designers...just all the usual prom brands (Mori Lee, Maggie Sottero, Xcite, etc.)

    Also, are there any nice brands that make inexpensive, but nice, evening bags? I don't think I'm going to bother with getting a designer bag for this because I rarely go anywhere that would require an evening bag.

    Thanks in advance for any help...
  2. I can't tell you the exact brand name of my dress, because it's been a year, but at my local mall there was a Macy's and I got my dress which was like 500ish for like 200 with tax. Also, you can get a cute little no name clutch for like under 100 there. You should look there if there is one near you. Most of the girls in my school went there, because they have sales around this time. Trying to entice us into getting our prom dresses from them! ;)
  3. my prom dress was from BCBG.......they make beautiful, decent-priced prom dresses that are good quality and lots of fun

    and like purselova said, macy's has an amazing selection of prom dresses (come prom time the one in the city has a section devoted specifically to prom dresses.....) :P
  4. ^^^I wish I coulda have made it to the one in the city. I bet it would have been fab, considering most local Macy's have amazing selections of prom dresses.
  5. it seriously was......i went to two proms in two consecutive years, and even now i tell my boyfriend i wish i had a prom to go to so i'd have an excuse to go prom dress shopping :P
  6. if you have a ross/tj maxx/marshalls or the like, i would try there first. sometimes they have really cute stuff. a lot of times you can see why it's at an outlet though. hehe. i liked jessica mcclintock dresses, but they never made my size in high school...i was much bigger then. and they were a tad bit expensive. david's bridal has cute bridesmaid dresses you can buy off the rack...but again, they're a little bit spendy. i'm a little biased on price though because i refused to spend more than fifty dollars on any formal dress. i hated dances and shopping enough without going into debt on top of it all. my senior prom dress was 11 dollars on clearance at Nordstrom rack.

    they have some cute evening clutches at target right now. i bought a couple just to have. hubby calls one the chirstmas tree clutch though, so maybe that's not such a good thing. :smile:

    it's cuter in person. the flash did funky things to the colors. it's more jeweltoned colors IRL. claires sometimes has cute clutches and accesories, but it's really a crap shoot there. you have to wade through all the really cheap looking stuff on the off chance there's something cute, and if you find something acceptable chances are four other girls will be wearing it. :smile: can you raid your mom (or grandma or aunt or older friend's) accessories? that's what i always did. my mom kept all my gram's vintage clothes and jewelry, so i had something unique to borrow.

    hope that helps.
  7. I second jc's comment. BCBG makes GREAT prom dresses, it's not the princess-gown type prom dress though, it's more modern. Think flowy, body-hugging, overall splendid! I definitely recommend BCBG.

    As for evening bags, check in the shawl/panty-hose section of macy*s (or your local, there are some cute evening bags for decent prices.

    have fun and do update us!
  8. Yeah, I understand the whole size thing, because I'm "much bigger" now:P .
    I don't really care how much we have to spend, as long as I look nice in what I pick (I do want to keep it under $500 though, because my dad hates to spend money (just to give you an indication of how much he hates it: he got all depressed right after purchasing his new boat. He's excited about it now though))
    We have a pretty nice Target around here. I'll have to poke around their bag section. This will be the first time in over a year that I'll be going anywhere near non-designer bags:P
    I like the shape of your bag:smile: But I can see why your husband calls it the Christmas tree bag, it reminds me of Christmas lights, it's cute:P

    Ooh, I forgot about Claires...I haven't been there in a while, but the last time I was, it was more like you had to wade through a sea of preteen girls:P I'll have to remember to check there.

    Unfortunately, my mom and grandmother were never bag people, so I don't think I'll find anything nice in their closets :sad:

    Thanks for the ideas:smile:
  9. There are at least 2 Macy's stores near me, actually. I'm just afraid that if everyone goes there, that I'll have the same dress as someone else, and that they'll look way better in it and make me feel stupid:sad: .

    They should have some sort of national database that tracks which dresses are bought for which proms so that no one will have to deal with the whole she-has-the-same-dress-as-me thing:P
  10. They put the evening bags in the shawl/panty-hose section? :huh: Thanks for that info, I would have never thought to look for them there:smile:
  11. Hi NB: I'm glad that you are going. I recently went and put some clothes on consignment in a second-hand store. I had passed a gigantic stack through four friends and what was left went to the store. I was amazed at the selection of prom dresses they had available. My best friend's mother who has impeccable taste and who worked for years in an exclusive boutique bought her mother of the bride dress for $6 in one of those stores and it was gorgeous. And, you know it hasn't been worn much. Just a thought.
  12. You lucky city person:P
  13. I'm glad I'm going too:smile: .

    Unfortunately, I have some little ocd issues that would make me stay away from second-hand clothes. I would feel really stressed out if I wore something someone else hasworn for more than a moment:sad:

    Thanks for the suggestion though:smile:
  14. If you're more comfortable going a bit casual, you should check out J Crew for some nice formal dresses that you can wear for other events too. I've bought my last few formal dresses from there and the quality is always fantastic.

    I remember (back in the day ;) ) when I was shopping for prom dresses I really got down on myself because I was "a little bigger" too. I thought exactly what you thought: some other girl would look better in this dress than me. Well, it made the whole prom experience miserable and I wish I'd had a more positive outlook. Just know that whatever dress you pick will make you look BEAUTIFUL, and don't worry about the other girls. Pick a dress you love and you'll be the "belle" of the dance :smile:
  15. Awww, thanks:smile: *hugs*
    I think I'll end up going fancy for the prom, but I'm also going to be looking for a more casual, tea-length-ish dress for my graduation, so thanks for the ideas:smile: