Prom Dress??

  1. i think that dress is fine for prom!

    the dress i'm getting is from BCBG. it's not too formal and not too casual.. my school's holding the prom at a place on the beach so i wanted to go along with the theme and discard all that gown stuff.

    most of the other girls in my class are going in regular prom, full length, all out dresses.

    really depends on how you see it!

    that dress looks like you're dolled up, but not too much and ready for fun. :yes:
  2. aww your proms on the beach? Lucky :yes:
  3. Honestly, that is one of those dresses where you just can't know how it'll fit and lay until you put it on. It even looks a bit bunchy on the model. I like the floaty material, though.