Prom Dress help

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  1. i would try this site......
    i love checking out their dress selections for any events......

    and i've found that betsey johnson runs either a tiny bit snug or true to size
  2. I really think you should try the dresses on in store. Some stores have different sizes than others.
  3. ^^^^I agree :biggrin:
  4. i totally sympathize with your daughter being not so found of dress shopping...i had almost exactly that same body type in HS (albeit 2 inches taller). dress shopping can be a really draining experience...but it has to be done. you just can't tell how they'll fit if you don't try them on, and getting it done in one swoop is much easier than try on send back try on send back. one afternoon and you're done. try and get her to reconsider...after all, i'm sure she wants to look and feel fabulous.
  5. Betsey Johnson runs very small if she is a size 4 then she will need a 6 and so on. I would suggest that she goes to the stores and try on.
  6. As much as I would love to NOT have to try on dresses, I think they are one of the hardest articles of clothing to fit on someone. I would also suggest to have her try it on..
  7. i love this site!

    ok, so i agree with everyone else. i've fallen in love with a dress online that when i've actually tried on, isn't so flattering. even if she isn't the kind of girl to go the mall and get a dress...make her! dresses are so tough...
  8. LOL...We are going into Vero Beach today and hopefully we can find something. It's amazing how this little Gothic girl wants everything on the "foo-foo" side for the prom.
    You are all right...she needs to go and try on a dress.
    If there is nothing in Vero, we are heading back to the Florida Mall next wk. I guess I was in NY school time where the prom is in May and not 2 WEEKS from today!
  9. Good luck! It's a daunting experience shopping for a "perfect" prom dress.
  10. ]

    THANKS ALL! We got the dress. After a whole day of looking, at 5 after 4, we pulled into a Bridal Shop that was closing. I begged them to stay open with a promise to buy no matter what the cost.
    She found a Mori Lee gown in red (not the black or white or black and white that she had her heart set on) with sequins (she hates them) that laces up the back with a fish tail. it looks gorgeous on her curvy figure and SHE loves it.
    Hopefully this is it until a wedding
  11. Great am glad she found something she liked :biggrin:
  12. I AGREE! When I was buying my senior prom dress my sizes were really funky and I needed all sorts of alterations but I had to talk with the SAs and discuss how much each dress could be taken in/out. My best friend and I have seperate issues, she's very large chested and I'm... not... so she had a hard time finding a dress that was small enough in the waist but had enough material to be taken out at the bust while I had to find a dress that fit my hips but could be taken in in the bust.

    YAY for finding a dress!!! I hope she has a blast!
  13. Thankfully my hard to fit teen found a dress in the 3rd store we walked in. If she loves a dress maybe you could have it made for her. Maybe she would prefer fittings in private over shopping.