*prom Dress Help*

  1. So, I have to get a prom dress soon and I was just wondering if what I had in mind would be ok and if you had any suggestions. I was thinking a cute dress (preferably one colour) with some sandals (no heel) and a cute necklace.BTW it is in summer so it needs to be light and airy because I am on the prom committee and have to organize and run about a bit. Ideally I would like to spend under £200 but could stretch to £300.

    Here are some ideas I had:


    ^I like it but would prefer a more 'fun' colour.


    ^really like it - would it be too casual?


    ^love but is the colour too dark?


    ^is the colour too dark?


    ^too fussy?

    Thanks for your help X
  2. i LOVE the graham and spencer one for a prom...

    the colour doesn't look too dark to me :smile:
  3. I really like the Rachel Pally in "Seagull" - if you got a fun cocktail ring and some sparkly bracelets it would accent it nicely.

    The Graham & Spencer one is also beautiful.

    Hard to pick just one!
  4. I think the graham and spencer is the best, but perhaps in a lighter colour. I don't know how your skin is, but if it's too dark then it's too dark. You wouldn't want to end up looking like a goth on your prom. Either of these dresses need some good accessoires though.

    And the one I definelty wouldn't pick is the last one.
  5. i really like the cynthia vincent one! the color isn't too dark at all, i think dark rich colors work well for a formal event. it seems really really elegant too. you could brighten it up with some metallic accessories.
  6. rachel pally for me!
  7. I like Graham and Spencer the best.
  8. thanks everyone - keep opinions coming!
  9. I love the graham and spencer one, however, I also love the cynthia vincent one....I do think the catherine malandrino one is a bit too casual, if it is anything like my school's ball!! Lol, have you tried matchesfashion.com, that has got some really cute dresses on it...hope u find the perfect dress!!! xxx
  10. I like this one too-[​IMG]
  11. I think you should go with the first rachel pally one. And you can spice it up with some hot accessories to make it more colorful.
  12. oo i loooove the cynthia vincent dress. with some gold accessories i think it would be perfect for prom!
  13. I Love it in pink, more summery...however it depend on your colouring I think! I could never wear it in pink, yet if you have darker, more tanned skin it would look amazing!!